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Ask Erik: RAW! - Grow Mods: Don’t Throw that Hole Away!

With a grow tent, you won’t have to worry about expensive renovations to your grow room when you move. With a grow tent, you won’t have to worry about expensive renovations to your grow room when you move.


I have watched a couple of friends build grows in their apartments and houses, and see that they can get some really great results indoors. After learning more online and reading some issues of Rosebud Magazine, I have decided to make the leap and start growing indoors. The thing I have noticed about my friends’ grow set-ups, is that they had to make some pretty big holes in the walls for ducting, etc. I also noticed lots of holes in the walls and ceilings from staples, eye-hooks, etc. I want to grow in my spare room without having to do major repairs to it later, any advice?


It’s a nice quick, clean and quiet install; your neighbors won’t be the least bit curious.

As the old adage goes, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”. However, this doesn’t mean you have to crack the whole carton.

A mistake some people make in this situation is compromising your grow because you don’t want to do the work or repairs later. For example, you hold off on adding air-ducts, and as a result the grow room overheats, which causes your crop and your yield suffer. On the other hand, to grow a few plants, you don’t want to have to reno an entire room later either.

A lot of growers have found a great, simple, effective and affordable solution to grow room construction and that’s “grow tents,” AKA “Hydro Huts.” These are pre-fabricated growing enclosures that are available in a wide range of sizes, from little 2’ by 2’ chambers all the way up to walk-in 10’ by 10’ grow rooms. There are a variety of suppliers and manufacturers that offer these, and for the money, most are a very good value when compared to renovating a room for growing.

They are light-tight, moisture-proof and highly reflective on the inside for better plant growth. Usually, you can set one up from out of the box in less than one hour with no power tools required. It’s a nice quick, clean and quiet install; your neighbors won’t be the least bit curious.

Most have ports for ducting too. One of the ways I like to run with them is to set-up a grow-tent in a spare room. The spare room then acts as a “lung room”. The lung room is fitted with an AC and a dehumidifier that are linked to climate controls in the lung room. An intake fan sends air into the grow tent from the lung room and an exhaust fan sends air out of the tent back into the lung room; these fans are set to run at lowered speeds 24/7. It is actually the lung room that is controlling the growing environment. With a portable or window box type AC, you won’t have to drill any holes in your walls for ducting! Remember that the grow tent is “feeding” from the lung room, and because the tent is totally enclosed, your spare room looks totally normal from the outside with the curtains drawn. Picture a “room within a room.”


And if you do decide to reno your grow room and have to cut some holes for ducting: KEEP THE HOLE-CUTS! Put these aside somewhere so they don’t get damaged or lost. When you are done growing, with some mudding, taping, sanding and painting, even you might not be able to tell that the walls were reno’d for your grow.

Cheers, Erik Biksa

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This video from Erik Biksa features a Hydro Hut.
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