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GMO foods are such an embedded part of our food system these days, but it's not difficult to think back to a time when food was simpler and healthier. How did we get to the point that genetically modified organisms infiltrate so much of what we eat? In a recent issue of Rosebud Magazine, GMO expert GL Woolsey took a look at the history of GMOs. We present that for you here now.

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The use of GMOs in our food supply is a subject of global debate. Here are a few of the key activists and decision makers who are shaping the future of farming

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When genetically engineered crops hit the ground in 1996, farmers used the modified seeds to plant approximately 4 million acres of land worldwide. By 2011, that number jumped to 400 million. These facts are celebrated by some and feared by others. Supporters claim genetically engineered food crops provide the only solution for feeding the world’s ever-expanding population. But a quick Internet search of the term “genetically modified organism” or its commonly used acronym, “GMO,” yields more negative press than accolades. So, what’s the problem?

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