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There is a little something extra in your groceries these days, and while GMO-giant Monsanto is happy to put it there, they would rather you didn't know about it. As concerns grow about the health and environmental safety of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), industry leader Monsanto seems to have realized that if the US requires GMOs to be labeled, as much of the world already does, their products may not sell. So while other corporations spend millions to advertise, they are doing everything they can to keep secret their involvement in your lunch.

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The suicide of former NFL superstar and philanthropist Junior Seau earlier this month has left many of us, particularly fans of the late linebacker, wondering why. Why would someone with seemingly every reason to live choose to end it all? To those of us struggling to find meaningful (or any) employment, Seau's suicide -- like many other celebrities'-- is an almost-complete mystery. Seau was a legend on and off the field, especially to San Diegans like myself who grew up with his name everywhere. Why would he feel so alone and helpless in a city that adores him?

The smartphone era has spawned a wide variety of apps that focus on sparking romance among iPhone and Android users. These are some of the best on the market today. Sorry Blackberry users, you’re probably not getting any.

Men and women alike rejoice in seeing the Victoria’s Secret catalog land in our hot little hands each season. Men enjoy those glossy pages for obvious reasons — they are full of some of the most beautiful women on the planet. But Victoria’s Secret and its Angels represent a fantasy to all of us — especially entrepreneurs who marvel at the brand’s massive success.

Ed and Betty Osmun had planned for a power outage. They had installed a backup generator in their indoor Aquaponic farm for just such an event, but when Hurricane Irene hit their small town of West Barnstable, Massachusetts early this year, knocking out power, the alarm failed to notify the couple of the crippling outage that threatened their fish and flora. As a result, the Osmun's lost all of their fish to oxygen deprivation, a tragic and costly malfunction. In the few short months that followed, the Osmun's replaced their finned friends and are back to the usual routine, a testament to the tenacity of hydroponic gardeners.

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Jennifer Nelkin and Viraj Puri began their careers in horticulture when they created a floating garden atop New York's Hudson River. From there, they joined fellow green-thumb Eric Haley to create Gotham Greens, a company dedicated to growing produce locally, with a massive hydroponic greenhouse complex atop a warehouse in Brooklyn. That's what we call moving up, literally.

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Black Friday is upon us, along with the start of the holiday retail shopping season. For many, this means rolling out of our tryptophan-induced comas early Friday morning and heading to the mall to spend the day elbowing soccer moms aside for amazing deals on a 3-D flatscreen or iPad 2. In the US, the day after Thanksgiving is by far the busiest shopping day of the year but has also become more synonymous with images of panicked mobs and massive injurious stampedes than with the excitement and joy that should accompany the holidays. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the freedom that being an indoor grower gives me, which means I have the choice to join the madness or enjoy the serenity of my hydroponic garden far from the maddening crowd. On that note, there’s an incredible offer available for growers this Black Friday. I’ll get to that in a minute.

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Remakes have become a Hollywood mainstay. We previously discussed some movie remakes that really missed the mark, but not all remakes are failures. Sometimes a remake can improve on the original by bringing new special effects and updated graphics, sticking more closely to the source material like a book or graphic novel, or employing better acting or directing. This got us thinking-- which movies are ripe for remake? We think we have come up with some excellent candidates.

American culture has changed profoundly in the 14 years since iconic MTV cartoon Beavis and Butt-head left the airwaves. Today, “reality” television rules; in 1997, MTV's Real World had a virtual monopoly on the genre. Now, in 2011, B & B's brand of sarcastic irreverent humor, using dim-witted high school outcasts to illustrate the stupidity in our culture is more appropriate than ever. The show was so far ahead of its time when it came out that creator Mike Judge had to make very few changes to keep it relevant—even after a 14 year absence, last Thursday's premiere had fans feeling like our boys had never left.

One of the best aspects of becoming successful is enjoying your time off. Once you have your garden running more-or-less on its own with timers, meters, and Advanced Nutrients' new pH Perfect® line, it's time to kick back and relax; and what better place to unwind than in your very own custom-made green "man-cave"? We've compiled a guide to some of the best eco-friendly products for any hydroponic gardener's ultimate fun zone, so you can surround yourself with the best stuff to save the planet while you play.

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So, you've been working hard, growing your garden and your bank account, and it's time to trade in that trusty old Geo Metro for some new wheels. You want to look cool and have a car that performs, but you also want to do your part for the environment, so you've decided that eco-friendly is the way to go. Picking a car is a big decision, so to aid you in your search; we've put together a list of five green cars, in various price ranges, that are a little more glamorous than your mom's Prius. A lot of advances have been made in the world of eco-friendly automobiles since Honda released its Insight at the turn of the last century, so let's check out these chic new green vehicles.

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Hollywood loves a remake. Because remakes can rely on name recognition and a known entity, studios and producers have always been fond of remaking successful films when they think there is a profit to be made. This year we have seen remakes of films like Conan The Barbarian, Fright Night, and Footloose, among others, and 're-imaginings' are in the works for such classics as The NeverEnding Story, musical cartoon epic Heavy Metal, Robocop, Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and even iconic 80's gangster flick Scarface. Not all of us appreciate movie remakes, especially when our favorite film gets the treatment, but some seem to fare better than others and a few have been just plain unnecessary. Here are five movie remakes that we think the world could have done without.

Music and film superstar and recent Rosebud Magazine cover celebrity Justin Timberlake was among the Hollywood players honored last Sunday with awards from the Environmental Media Association (EMA). The star-studded gala celebrated the contributions made by actors, producers, and directors to spread green ideals and environmental awareness, and recognized the efforts of Timberlake, along with massive studio Warner Brothers, and TV shows like Futurama and HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher, among others.

This year, the entire school district in Dunwoody, Georgia, a suburb of North Atlanta, implemented an integrated gardening program in all eight of their schools. This program, which was started after a student-led movement that encouraged the district to see how exciting gardening can be, has found a lot of support among students at all of the schools. Grow Dunwoody is one of a series of projects worldwide where kids are getting involved in horticulture, and it looks like this trend is just getting started.

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Last year, British entrepreneurs Laurence Kemball-Cook and Mark Wane introduced the world to an exciting new advance in green energy called Pavegen Systems. This new innovation involves tiles that, when stepped on, can harness the power of kinetic energy to supply lights and other devices with green electricity. Recent applications of this amazing invention have proven that the possibilities for the Pavegen system are extensive, and it's only just begun.

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