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10 Oct

GE Labeling Laws Across The Globe

This woman is looking to see whether her food contains GMOs or not. This woman is looking to see whether her food contains GMOs or not.

An interactive map created by and featured on the website of the Center For Food Safety, has defined 64 countries around the world that require labeling of products that contain genetically engineered ingredients - and the US isn't one of them.

Nearly all of Europe, save Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro, require "mandatory labeling of nearly all GE foods and a labeling threshold of 0.9-1% GE content" according to the website.

Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the majority of Asia, including China, do not permit foodstuff that contains GE material to be sold without a label if the amount contained within the product is greater than 1%. Even seven countries in Africa have mandatory labeling, with two countries, Zambia and Benin, outlawing GMOs entirely.

The only country to mandate GMO labeling in Latin America is El Salvador. Not one country in North America has enforceable GE labeling laws in place.


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Here’s why GMO labeling doesn’t exist in the USA.
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