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24 Jul

Monsanto Gives Up On Europe


Monsanto has decided to finally leave Europe alone. After years of attempting to convince European Union members to embrace biotechnology, the company withdrew eight of its nine patents pending approval for the continent.

“There’s no end in sight" and "going nowhere" have been two statements released by the biotech giant as a descriptive glimpse into the situation.

Monsanto's failure in Europe is largely due to "political obstructionism" as countries within the Union banned together to reject GMOs after studies revealed a link between their products and cancer. At the moment, the only Monsanto creation allowed to be grown with European borders is a genetically modified corn variety called MON810.

Their influence overseas however will not be completely stamped out. Seminis is the largest fruit and vegetable seed distributor in the world and also is owned by Monsanto. The company is a main player in Europe's conventional seed business and is not expected to resign any time soon.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 12:35
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