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30 Aug

Organic Food Trusted More By Consumers

Consumers are buying more and more organic food. Consumers are buying more and more organic food.


More and more people are trusting the USDA's certification of organic food, landing organic products into the shopping carts of 81% of US families at least some of the time. Attitudes toward organic food have been slowly changing over the past decade and reached an all-time high this year.   42% of parents say their trust in organics has increased even more, giving the certification a bump in confidence. In 2012, only 32% of parents reported an increased trust in the label. 

Why do people buy organic? 48% said their main reason for organic food purchases is that it is "healthier for me and my children;" 30% said they wanted to avoid pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals; 29% said they were concerned about hormones and antibiotics finding their way into food; and 27% said they were trying to avoid genetically engineered products. 

Overall, organic buyers were reported to spend more money at the grocery store and shop more than people who did not purchase organic food.

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Why should you buy organic?
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