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Advanced Nutrients Reformulates Jungle Juice™: Two-Part Base System= High Quality & Reasonable Price Featured

Jungle Juice 2-Part gives you higher quality at a lower price. Jungle Juice 2-Part gives you higher quality at a lower price.


Loyal Advanced Nutrients customers may be familiar with a system of base nutrients known as Jungle Juice™, which was previously available as an affordable three-part Grow-Micro-Bloom system. Some growers had success with the product while others preferred alternatives like the two-part Sensi Grow & Bloom system and, as usual, AN listened to growers’ feedback.

Advanced Nutrients has reformulated Jungle Juice into a two-part system – and along the way they increased the quality of the product while keeping prices low enough for casual growers (under $20 a liter).

Calling the new Jungle Juice formulation (like most others) a “two part” system is somewhat of a misnomer, as the system actually contains four parts: two for use during the vegetative stage of growth and another two for use during flowering.

The company’s focus was to create a base formula that offers more than your traditional N-P-K (Nitrogen, Phosphorus [Potash], and Potassium) combination, designed specifically for our plants.

Of course, the system contains the correct balance of the usual N-P-K, but Jungle Juice 2-Part also contains magnesium, sulfur, iron, boron, calcium, and a variety of other minerals that can do good things for your plants, and which usually have to be purchased separately as an add-on nutrient to your base system.

This means that new growers, hobbyists, or someone who just doesn’t have the cash to spend on a whole lineup of products may have pretty decent results with Jungle Juice 2-Part on its own or with the addition of one or two boosters just to enhance the sight, smell, and taste of the crop.

While Jungle Juice itself is not part of Advanced Nutrients’ new pH Perfect® line, it can be used safely with all pH Perfect nutrients and growing mediums.

Here is the elemental breakdown of the new formulation:

Jungle JuiceJungle Juice

Jungle Juice 2Jungle Juice 2

For more information about the new Jungle Juice two-part system, visit:



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If the Jungle Brothers were growers, they’d use Jungle Juice
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