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How Meaningful Are Beneficial Microbes to your Grow?

The Fabulous 4 Pak will turbo charge your garden at an affordable cost. The Fabulous 4 Pak will turbo charge your garden at an affordable cost.


Beneficial bacteria are not a base food for your plants. A lot of folks see these higher-priced items at the hydro store and think, “Is that really needed?”

You can see where these guys are coming from. Figure that you are already giving your plants base nutrients, bud enhancers, carbohydrates and probably several other products to encourage crop performance. So why then do you need to add beneficial bacteria? Isn’t the plant getting all it needs?

The answer is yes; the plant is getting what it needs. But what about what it wants?

Beneficial bacteria serve many purposes, foremost of which is to supercharge your plants’ appetite and growth. You see, when you add these products, the plant can respond in big ways. These products are basically the difference between a mediocre basketball player and Kobe Bryant. Kobe can afford the top supplements, the best workout equipment and the most skilled trainers. This certainly gives him an advantage at game time.

This is a well-thought-out, inexpensive turbocharger for your garden.

It’s very much the same with plants. When you put them on a program that addresses all of their needs and wants, you get a bigger, healthier, better-producing plant.

I am sure some of you are thinking, “It sounds good, but there is a lot of expense in bringing that level of performance to my garden.” Well, like in a lot of other cases, you get what you pay for.

But what if this higher level of performance wasn’t so expensive? What if everyone could do this for their plants?

Let me answer that. Everyone would see bigger, healthier, better-tasting, higher-yielding, better-smelling and more productive plants. This could raise the game of growers across the board.

Well, that is what just happened.

Advanced Nutrients just released the Fabulous 4 Pak. This is a well-thought-out, inexpensive turbocharger for your garden. The Fab Four Pack consists of AN’s full arsenal of bacteria, fungi and bacillus. The box set comes with four of AN’s most popular top-shelf products: Piranha, Tarantula, Voodoo Juice and Bud Candy.
And guess what? It’s only 99 bucks.
Some of you may be asking, “Why are these the best products for my garden?” Let me take a moment to tell you about these products and what they do.


A carbohydrate supplement. Bud Candy helps plants with oil production and feeds the beneficials present in the root zone. This is the feast upon which your beneficials survive and thrive.


One gram of Tarantula contains around 10 million viable bacteria. This is no accident, as research shows that for these beneficial microbes to really perform well, you need a high number of colony-forming units per gram.
You may be asking how we know this. It’s because Advanced Nutrients has an elite team of Ph.Ds who test and re-test at one of Advanced Nutrients’ state-of-the-art grow labs. You might ask yourself if other companies can say the same?


The scientific community used to think that endomycorrhiza were the only type of fungi that could insert themselves into root cells, and that ectomycorrhiza would only coat the root. This idea held until Advanced Nutrients engineered super strains of each fungi that will penetrate the root cells.

This is what gives Piranha its big advantage over the competition. You see, other companies have all their beneficials made at some mixing facility for Big Agriculture. And although these strains are competent, they just can’t compete with an elegantly engineered solution. Theirs is more the broadsword and AN is the scalpel.


Bacillus is the big word here, and this product contains 10 different varieties. But not just any 10. Everything that Advanced Nutrients engineers is like a ballet of rhythm and harmony—all elements working together like a finely tuned basketball team. AN takes a careful and educated approach to creating these supplements. They make sure that all of these elements complement each other and work together.

A lot of other companies producing similar products will just write a list of ingredients and then ship them off to a third-party manufacturer to bottle them. They may test a bit, then it gets put on the shelves. We feel that this is a disservice to the community. They take the easy, cheap way out in order to get their products on the shelves quickly, as opposed to making sure they are the best.
I absolutely understand where these companies are coming from. If I started Eljay’s Nutrients tomorrow, I couldn’t afford one Ph.D. I would have to do my own testing as a grower and just look for visual results. And although I have some experience, I don’t have the facilities, manpower, equipment or time to really find out every transaction going on inside of the plants’ physiology. So I might just write a list of fungi and microbials that I was aware worked, have it made, and hope people buy it.

But would that be the best product out there? Probably not.

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I think that Advanced Nutrients’ lineup is better?”

It’s because they took the time and spent the money. And they continue to spend it. Nobody gave them this formula; they earned it through long hours, repeated testing and lots of money. That is what makes these products better. Good old-fashioned hard work.

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Voodoo Juice is one of the products in the Fab 4 Pak that will boost your grow.
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