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Apache Tech LED Grow Lights: Leading the LED Charge in your Grow Room Featured

If LEDs are your thing, Apache is your company. If LEDs are your thing, Apache is your company.


More growers than ever before are trying LED lighting in their grow rooms, as this once experimental technology becomes proven in the eyes of horticulturists. Apache Tech LEDs are made specifically for growers who demand high production from their crop, as well as big savings on electricity and heat in the grow room.

According to Robert Becker, Chief Science & Technology Officer of Apache Tech, growers who are accustomed to using HPS (high pressure sodium) lamps will marvel at the increase in crop quality they get from LEDs, without sacrificing much in the way of yield. Factor in the huge increase in electrical efficiency, and the benefits are obvious.

Apache Tech’s current line-up of LED lights are the result of years of research and development. There are different custom blends of light wavelengths (“color”) available to suit any type of crop, with optimize spectrum for any particular growth phase. For example, the AT120RB unit combines leading-edge red and blue LEDs that give flowers and fruits serious density and major essential oil production.

Because there is little “standardization” in LEDs, it’s important to use trusted American brands like Apache Tech. Their lights are made specifically for growing and are not simply re-packaged overseas LEDs intended for a wider variety of applications. Apache Tech stands by all of their crop lighting solutions and are happy to answer any questions a grower may have about which light is right for their plants. Visit them at to see the full line or to drop them a line via email.

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Apache grow lights are so dependable that NASA uses them!
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