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Cleansing Power of Light: CleanLight’s New Solution to Indoor Disease

Can light heal what ails your plants? Can light heal what ails your plants?

Every indoor grower has done battle with disease. It can set you back a season or even worse. The hydroponics industry offers many solutions and preventions that can help battle pesky problems such as botrytis and powdery mildew, but there’s a novel technology making its way to North America that you may not have heard of yet.

CleanLight has imported technology developed in the commercial grow rooms of Holland to prevent and combat fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Their system incorporates UV-C light, along with ozone generation, compound filtration, and ion filtration, to utterly purify your grow room from unwanted pathogens.

UV-C has been used since the 1930s to disinfect air, water, and surfaces such as operating rooms and food-processing facilities. CleanLight has refined this immense cleaning power for your grow room. The low-powered CleanLight is carefully calibrated to eliminate surface pathogens without penetrating your precious plants. 

CleanLight offers three products. The introductory-level CleanLight Hobby Unit is a handheld UV-C light that growers can sweep across their plants’ architecture to kill powdery mildew and botrytis fungi.

The CleanLight Pro offers more robust coverage for larger grow operations. The 40-watt light can treat more plants and treat them faster. It’s made with a shatterproof lamp and can be put on a boom for automated purposes.

The pièce de résistance is the CleanLight Air, which uses UV-C light technology along with six additional filtration devices in a single unit. The unit purifies the air in your grow room, not just the surface of your plants, killing airborne mildew or bacteria viruses. It actually kills fungal spores, and can treat grow rooms up to 750 square feet. 

By deploying a well-proven technology with new finesse, CleanLight might just be your salvation from powdery mildew and other grow room pathogens.

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Here’s a look at one of CleanLight’s products.
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