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High Gear: Hydroponic Gardening Supplies for Bigger Yields

  • Written by  Erik Biksa
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BaddAss bulbs are engineered specifically for indoor growers. BaddAss bulbs are engineered specifically for indoor growers.


Have a look at these cool pieces of grow gear from a few issues back, courtesy of Rosebud Magazine’s resident grower guru, Erik Biksa. Useful information and tips for your hydroponics indoor grow room from a bonafide expert.

Heads Up

Being the living thing you are, you know that holding up an object with any kind of weight takes energy. The heavier the object is, the more energy and strength it takes to support it. Now try holding that object further away from your body, in a windstorm, and you might get a sense of the demand that is placed on high-yielding crops to support their own weight.

When plants expend time and energy to create thicker, stronger branches to support heavy fruit and flower loads, the effort robs the plant of valuable energy that could be more efficiently channeled into creating bigger flowers or fruits. Weight may also discourage a plant from producing the larger fruits or flowers it is capable of because the plant can sense the stress created and self-regulate demand for carrying additional mass.  

To provide plant relief, Global Garden Friends offers a fully adjustable plant-support system called the Ultimate Plant Cage. The UPC can support not only individual plants, but also specific branches, using a fully adjustable cage to contain fast-growing and heavy-yielding plants. Unlike common bamboo stakes, the UPC was designed with the indoor grower in mind and can be adapted into a variety of common hydroponics growing methods, including flood-and-drain blocks, container gardens and bucket systems. The telescopic arms extend to keep up with your growth rates, supporting your plants all the way to bigger yields.

Insidious Nature

Growers who have felt the sting of yield-diminishing thrip attacks in their crops know the importance of having a good defense—and that means having a strong offense. Orius insidiosus, a type of flower bug, are a pest’s worse enemy and a grower’s best friend. Once introduced into a garden, these beneficial insects can make quick work of devouring their target food source: the thrips trying to suck your beautiful garden dry. They are such voracious eaters that they may also take a liking to mites, aphids and other common garden pests. Some growers even release these “pirate bugs” at transplant as a precautionary measure to help avoid problem insect populations before they can start.  There are many online sources for delivery of O. insidiosus bugs, and you can also ask at your local hydroponics retailer.

A Bright Idea

Advanced Nutrients has proudly unveiled its plant-lighting solution for indoor growers: BaddAss HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. Just as high-yielding plants happily absorb AN’s world-renowned nutrients at the roots, your crop’s leaves, stems, flowers and fruits can also soak up intense and well-balanced light nutrition via Blue Diamond and Red Diamond horticultural plant-growth lamps. These HID lamps have been specifically engineered for plant growth, not lighting parking lots like most common HID technologies circulating through the current marketplace.

Blue Diamond lamps provide savvy growers with a powerful metal-halide lamp that can produce healthier, more robust and compact vegetative growth while having enough power to finish flowering for those growers who do not switch to Red Diamond HPS (high-pressure sodium) enhanced flowering and fruiting lamps in the reproductive phase of growth.

To generate larger yields in flowering plants, Red Diamond HPS lamps help stimulate a strong budding response while maintaining the necessary light wavelengths to keep efficient structural plant growth in the crop canopy.

By using both types of lamps at the right times, you can better take charge of plant growth, filling all the space available to you with lush and heavy yields of superior quality.

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Another awesome piece of grow gear in the BaddAss line of products for your indoor grow room.
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