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TNB Naturals Makes Carbon Dioxide Supplementation a Breeze

TNB Naturals will enhance your grow room’s CO2 like no other. TNB Naturals will enhance your grow room’s CO2 like no other.

Growers know the benefits that added CO2 will bring to your indoor hydroponic garden. Tanks are inefficient and CO2 burners can be difficult to set up. For growers who want an easy solution for adding CO2, we recommend the Enhancer from TNB Naturals. This all-organic CO2 generator can add up to 1,200 ppm in a 12’x12’x8’ area. And it works just by adding warm water to the bottle. Rosebud spoke to TNB to find out more:

What sets TNB apart from other CO2 companies?

Our product actually slows the release of CO2 at night. This gives plants a much-needed break. CO2 at night can negatively affect your final yield, something no gardener wants to experience.

The shelf life is another factor. Our product isn’t actually activated until the consumer adds water, which allows the product to stay on the shelf for up to three years without worrying about it expiring.

Finally, this product is perfect for smaller spaces but is also highly effective in larger environments. We are seeing a lot of the bigger guys buying multiple canisters to meet their needs.

What was the inspiration for starting the company?

We didn’t set out to start this company. It sort of started itself. Travis, the creator of what is now TNB Naturals, starting making the bottles for himself. It took a few years of experimenting with the ingredients and the process before he let someone try it. After seeing the results, his buddies were like, “You should sell this in a store!” So that’s exactly what we did.

What void do you fill in the growing market?

We have developed a superior all-natural product with a growing reputation for effectiveness. An independent company tested this product and the results were significantly positive. In a 4’x4’x4’ sealed environment, the Enhancer produced over 5,000 ppm of CO2. In a typical 12’x12’x8’ growing environment, consumers can expect to reach between 900 and 1,200 ppm for a two-week period.

Additionally, this product is economically viable, does not emit any heat or require any electricity, and is very easy to use. Consumers can expect significant gain, including greener, healthier plants with bigger yields.

Get more info at www.tnbnaturals.com

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