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Drive Your Hydroponics Grow Room to Massive Yields

GrowBot automates and securitizes your hydroponics gardening for supersized yields. GrowBot automates and securitizes your hydroponics gardening for supersized yields.

Used to be when you wanted to get serious about hydroponics gardening, you had to build a grow room from the ground up. Finding lighting, air conditioning, electricals, pumps, timers, C02 burners, irrigation systems, reflective materials, reflectors, fans, odor control and other hydroponics gear takes a long time and a ton of money. Learning how to install and use it all takes even longer. And as many hydroponics grow room builders find out…mistakes are very costly.

But those were the dinosaur days of hydroponics. Nowadays, you call California-based HydroBotanical Engineering, tell them your hydroponics goals, and they build you the ultimate, automated, space-age plug and play hydroponics grow room that’s just right for you.

They call these grow rooms “GrowBots,” and their automated grow rooms are a dream come true when you want to immediately get massive hydroponics harvests the easy way.

HydroBotanical Engineering offers four GrowBot models; three of them are totally portable. The smallest portable unit is 10 feet long, nine feet wide and nine feet high. Next up is a 28-foot model that’s 12 feet tall. If you want to go all out, you get their GrowBot 5200, known as “The Big Guy.” It’s 52 feet long, nine feet wide and 12 feet tall! These portable GrowBots come with road-ready wheels and chassis so you move them when you want to.

If you don’t need that kind of portability, get the GrowBot 2000. This 20 foot long, 10-foot high unit is for stationary applications when you don’t need road mobility.

GrowBots give you the opportunity to enjoy fully integrated hydroponics technology so your plants get ideal doses of nutrients, light, C02, and water, along with air movement, security systems, anti-pest devices, and perfect climate control.

One thing for sure- attention to detail and a thorough understanding of high-value hydroponics gardening are everywhere obvious in GrowBots. For example, they offer fire suppression devices, GPS, green lights (for tending crops during dark cycle), dimmable digital ballasts, security cameras that tilt, pan and zoom, a remote monitoring/operating system accessible via IPhone, Cool Flame water-cooled C02 generators, and rock solid construction using materials that block security penetration risks while increasing insulation and energy efficiency.

The GrowBots come in fully-operational basic configurations but can also be customized just for you. I strongly suggest you contact HydroBotanical Engineering and talk to their consultants about building a GrowBot to your specs. (Phone: 888-391-4522 or email sales@growbot.com).

For me, and for several other hydroponics growers I know, seeing the GrowBots has changed our lives: We’re in a race to be the first to get a GrowBot 5200. Just imagine what you can do with this mother of all grow rooms…

GrowBot offers four different pre-built, ultra-modern hydroponics grow rooms, including three that are on wheels!GrowBot offers four different pre-built, ultra-modern hydroponics grow rooms, including three that are on wheels!You can configure it for separate cloning, motherplant, veg and grow rooms. It even features a drying/curing/manicuring room with the optimum environment for drying and prepping flowers!

You can choose ebb and flow, aeroponics or aquaponics nutrient systems, with sophisticated, automated nutrient dosage control for precise ppm and nutrient delivery that propels your plants to give you eye-popping flowers!

The GrowBots offer safety, monitoring and security systems that prevent fires, floods, theft, pests, and external detection, while maximizing efficiency of energy and resource consumption.

GrowBot growers report that GrowBot’s top of the line equipment, quality-control, construction and plant care structures increase their yields beyond any they’ve ever achieved with regular or sealed grow rooms. Word is the GrowBot pays for itself within one or two crop cycles, and after that, it’s all gravy.

You’ll appreciate that GrowBots come in several sizes, including the portable GrowBot-Garage that features a pop-up roof that provides extra head room for big production in small spaces.

GrowBot features scientifically-engineered crop feeding for your biggest yields ever!

For anyone who’s looking to get serious real fast about profitable hydroponics growing and who doesn't want to spend a lot of time and money sourcing materials, blueprints, equipment and construction know-how to build your own grow factory, GrowBot is the way to do it. You get the benefit of HydroBotanical Engineering doing all the start-up work for you and having put together a tried and true set of components that you'll be sure will work well together.

All you do is purchase a GrowBot, provide electricity and the care and time you enjoy giving your plants, and you see truly massive yields from the most sophisticated and automated pre-built hydroponics grow room system ever created for you.

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