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Hydroponic Gardens: pH Importance

Caring For Your Garden Is Caring For Your Health Caring For Your Garden Is Caring For Your Health

When creating a hydroponic garden, just like with any other environment for that matter, it is very important to be constantly aware of the pH levels inside your water tank and around the roots. This can be done in several ways, with two kinds of measuring tools and with a lot of checks before, right after and long after you’ve inserted the fertilizers and supplements into your “soil”.

Hydroponic nutrients are an incredible thing – they bring food and knowledge about the world right to the plant’s roots. This is why they are also very important. These same wonderful fertilizers, however, do a great change to the pH of the plant and the surrounding environment when inserted. This is easy to do as the water used in hydroponics is clean of everything, it’s a blank water. Hence, nothing fights nothing and everything inserted influences the pH. Give it too much acidity and the plant will die, make things too alkaline – it will die again.

This is why many distributors of hydroponic nutrients supply a variety of products that either lower or elevate the pH levels in the hydroponic system. To be able to keep track of everything, almost constant attention is necessary. Once the pH gets over 6 (the number varies depending on the plant and its age), there is the chance to use the pH level lowering products and vice versa. This makes hydroponic growing a full-time job and sometimes even more.

The levels of pH not only influence the grave or bright future of the plant, but can also act on a much smaller scale as well by worsening the possibility of roots to absorb the needed elements or by slowly eating away their life force

Obtaining a pH perfect environment without the need of any measuring or supervising is almost impossible, or so it was before a certain brand came up with an incredible and unique innovative combination of natural ingredients and plant-friendly biochemical nutrient. The pH Perfect® technology comes from the multinational scientific research and development department of Advanced Nutrients®. Just like with all the other times, they made the difference in hydroponics. The pH Perfect line has products that can manipulate and keep the pH in the environment without the need of constant measuring and tracking.

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