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Industry Gab: What The Hydroponic Growing Shops Are Saying

Nothing beats sharing a conversation with a likeminded individual. Nothing beats sharing a conversation with a likeminded individual.


In this installment of Industry Gab, we catch up with Jon Finlay, a partner at Hydroponic Shops of America.

Q: What are your current challenges?
JF: Misinformation from shops that tend to hire people off the street with no hydro or growing knowledge. Also, a lot of people find their information on the Internet, and it tends not to be the right information. When they finally come in they are almost starting from scratch, and we like that as we can give them solid information that is tried and true. We test our products.

Q: Where do you see the hydroponics industry going in the next five years?
JF: Everything that a supermarket sells is going to be sold more locally. I am positive that the industry is going to broaden into many different kinds of companies, and we’ll see more hydroponic farms and more food grown locally, and we’ll see prices for food come down.

Q: What’s the oddest request you’ve ever been asked?
JF: I had a request two weeks ago from a guy who wanted to put together a 38-lamp grow. I spoke with him for two and a half hours, and when we finished our conversation he wanted to know if he could buy a book on growing plants because he had never done it before.

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