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Summer Numbers: All Accounted For

Hot dogs are good eating on a hot day. Hot dogs are good eating on a hot day.

Check out some of these numbers of special interest to growers both indoors and outdoors. Summer is coming to a close, but many of us still face hot days to come. Here are some numbers associated with the challenges and pleasures growers face when the sun is blazing. We promise you'll learn something new, and more information is always valuable. Enjoy!

1 - The number of slugs it takes to wipe out your crop of outdoor seedlings overnight.


11:09 - The exact time of the summer solstice occurring on June 20, 2012 (Coordinated Universal Time).


20 - The number of elements considered necessary for healthy plant growth. Most can name 13 or so — can you get them all?


34 - The accepted optimal temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, for a martini. By the way, if the cocktail isn’t clear, please don’t call it a martini.


68 - The current world record for number of hot dogs and buns eaten in 10 minutes at the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating contest, held July 4.


140 - The number of frost-free growing days needed for your Halloween pumpkin. Start counting backward from October 31.


200 - The number of gallons of water potentially wasted when reverse-osmosis filtering your 55-gallon watering barrel. Find creative ways to use your discharge water rather than sending it straight down the drain.


1946 - The year French automotive engineer Louis Réard invented the modern bikini.


12,000 - The estimated number of summer camps operating in the United States.


100 million to 1 billion - The average number of microbes found in a teaspoon of productive soil.


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The bikinis in this video are probably a little skimpier than the ones invented in the '40s.
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