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Hydro 101 with Deonna Marie – Walking on Air: The Importance of Air Movement

Air movement is mandatory, especially when growing indoors Air movement is mandatory, especially when growing indoors

Air movement is mandatory, especially when growing indoors. Air movement helps to provide your crop with a more natural environment, preventing higher temperatures and humidity.

Without proper air movement, you chance molds and other diseases and slower growing weak spindly plants. I recommend that you have an oscillating fan located on each end of your room to get proper air movement. You will want to run these fans 24 hours a day. The air movement from the oscillating fans will help keep any moisture that may build up from leaves resting on each other while distributing co2 evenly throughout the room. You don't want to turn the fans on full blast you just need enough air movement blow the plants around like an outside breeze would.

This air movement constantly moving the plants around will bulk up the stem structure. It's very similar to working out. When you work out, you tear muscles and heal results in bigger muscles.

For proper air movement, you will also need an intake and exhaust. The intake is used to bring in fresh air into your garden. Your intake should be located near the floor of your room. You don't want to have your intake too high up because heat rises and you risk heating up your grow area. You have the choice of simply making a vent or an inline fan or blower. The exhaust should be mounted as high as possible. The exhaust will help get rid of stagnant air and excess heat. An inline fane is ideal for your exhaust. Both your intake and exhaust should be on 24hr a day unless you are using co2. Before you purchase a fan for your exhaust you first need to figure out what size inline fan you will need. Typically you want a fan powerful enough to exchange the air in your room every 3 minutes. Inline fans have a cfm rating to determine how much air the fan can exchange. CFM stands for cubic feet per min. So if you have a 2050cf area divide 2050by three and you get 683cfm needed to properly exhaust the room.

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