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DIY Pallet Herb Garden: Ideas & Projects For Family Backyard Farming

Build your own garden pallet with your kids’ help. Build your own garden pallet with your kids’ help.


Looking for something to get your little ones off the couch? Do you have a green thumb but limited space for an herb garden? Is repurposing trash important to you? If you said yes to any of the above, then this article is for you.

Making a pallet garden is a home project that can bring the entire family together. It’s also easy to build, and you can get it done for under $60.

Materials Needed:
Wooden Pallet
Staple Gun and Staples
Tack Hammer
Roll of Landscaping Fabric
Iguana Juice


1. Prep your pallet:

Locate a good sturdy pallet, without too much wear and tear. Look for discarded pallets behind your local grocery or big box retail store.

If the pallet has jagged edges, sand them until smooth or saw off the fragmented pieces so that you and your helpers don’t end up with splinters.


2. Spread and staple the fabric:

Spread the landscaping fabric over the entire back of the pallet, cut it to size, and start stapling. Use as many staples as are necessary to fully secure the fabric. Softly hammer in any loose staples for safety.


3. Create the potting pockets:

Stretch the fabric from end to end, and try not to leave a lot of slack between each pocket. Start by creating the bottom pocket, followed by the top pocket. Again, measure and cut.

Because you’ll be inserting dirt into each pocket, there will be some natural slack accruing from the installation’s density. Once all the pockets have been laid across the front, staple them securely.


4. Fill the potting pockets:

Lay the pallet on the ground and fill each pocket with soil. It's important to put enough dirt in each pocket to support any possible drainage or runoff from daily watering.


5. Finally, lift the pallet so it’s vertical, add your plants, water and nutrients. We recommend Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice.

Happy gardening!

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If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take on this gardening project with your pallets instead.
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