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Eco Organics - Do You Know What Your Plants Are Missing

  • Written by  Harold Lawrence
Grow strong roots for your indoor plants Grow strong roots for your indoor plants

Plants extract minerals to grow plant matter, and every crop depletes the amount of minerals left in the growing medium, whether indoors or outdoors. This is why for centuries, farmers let fields sit fallow in order for the mineral base to regenerate. However, most growers of high-value crops don’t have the time or space to let valuable grow space sit idle for a season. And indoor growers have no access to the natural process that replenishes minerals in the first place.


The only way to combat this fact is to replenish the minerals yourself. Eco Organics may be the solution. The company offers an array of products, including My Grow Minerals™ and EcoVie®, the former for hydroponic growers and the latter for soil growers.

The resultsThe resultsMy Grow Minerals was designed to face the special challenges of indoor growing. Because you’re fabricating an artificial medium for growing, you have to add minerals. Eco Organics’ side-by-side tests have shown tremendous growth when they added My Grow Minerals to a typical nutrient regimen. They claim that within two weeks, you will notice that the plants treated with Eco Organics products have doubled their growth rate compared to untreated plants.

And they have time-lapse video that attests to this claim. What that means for indoor growers is that you get earlier maturity, faster growth, and quicker yields. It also means that you can change your lighting cycle sooner, allowing you to grow more crops per year. As for the soil-specific EcoVie, it’s a liquid, multi-mineral complex designed to restore soil-borne nutrients that are depleted after each harvest.

By re-mineralizing the soil where you grow, you’re ensuring sturdier, healthier plants that can continue to produce rich fruit, harvest after harvest. When it comes to taking command of the re-mineralization process, growers can count on Eco Organics to duplicate nature’s cycles, only quicker and easier.

© Copyright RosebudMag.com, 2013

© Copyright RosebudMag.com, 2013

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