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Hydroponic Gardening Fun Quizes: Do You Know Everything About Hydroponic Gardening?

Think you can conquer this Rosebud Magazine quiz? Think you can conquer this Rosebud Magazine quiz?


THINK YOU’VE LEARNED ALL YOU CAN about hydroponic growing from the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine? Take this quick quiz to find out what you’ve learned (and what you might have missed).

1. The preferred water-filtration method for hydroponic growing is called ________________.
a) activated carbon
b) reverse osmosis
c) hard water
2. When working with coarse grow stones, adding 50% ___________ to your medium will increase moisture retention.
a) kelp
b) coco coir
c) white rice

3. Method 7 grow room sunglasses are specially designed for use under ___________ grow lights.
a) HPS
b) metal halide
c) LED
d) plasma

 4. Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice can be used in both vegetative and bloom phase.
a) true
b) false

5. “Ex-situ” refers to ______________.
a) exhausting heat from your grow room
b) getting divorced
c) a rare form of martial arts
d) preserving a plant outside its native habitat

6. Which molecules are heavier?
a) humates
b) fulvates

7. The process by which water enters your plants’ roots is called ______________.
a) osmosis
b) vascular system
c) transpiration

8. The combining of organic growing practices and astrology is called ________________.
a) certified organic
b) biodynamics
c) scientology

9. Funding for university research by corporations (including GMO giant Monsanto) is approximately:
a) 10%
b) 25%
c) 40%
d) 70%

10. Who said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”?
a) Barack Obama
b) Aristotle
c) Big Mike Straumietis
d) Gabe Kotter


Okay, now. No peaking. Here are the answers. How did you rank?

1. b

2. b

3. a

4. a

5. d

6. a

7. a

8. b

9. b

10. b


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Hopefully you did better on our quiz than these folks did on these game shows.
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