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Cool Biehn: Men's Advice From a Hollywood Hero

Michael Biehn in the film Tombstone, playing one of his most badass roles. Michael Biehn in the film Tombstone, playing one of his most badass roles.


Michael Biehn has been playing intense characters for more than 35 years, including memorable roles in major blockbusters like The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, and Tombstone, just to name a few. Although this onscreen tough guy has transitioned from actor to writer, director and producer in recent years, he is still living the California Dream to the fullest, and he’s happy to share his experiences about life, love and growing in Hollywood Babylon in his new Rosebud Magazine column.

My girlfriend has been doing some acting, and she wants to go to Hollywood to get serious about her craft. I have a very successful garden in Northern California and I do not want to make the move. What advice can you give us?

Dave Downey, Northern California

Here’s what you want to ask yourself: Do you want to go through the process of getting an agent? Then have the agent send you out to go for a pilot? That’s a two-to-three-year process right there alone, so gardening in Northern California sounds pretty good to me right now.

You often play a gun-toting badass onscreen. Do you own any guns, and what’s you view on guns?

VJ Rodriguez, Brooklyn, New York

I have never owned any guns. I did use to go shooting with my dad when I was really young. I was about nine years old (my son Alex’s age).

In my view, the NRA is out of control. Mexico is getting all of its assault weapons from the United States. And that war is going on in Mexico and starting to cross over into our borders. We have to be careful. I mean, our cops don’t have automatic weapons.
My feeling is that everybody should be able to own a gun, and you should go through the proper training to shoot a gun. Owning for home protection is one thing, but what’s happening now with the Stand Your Ground laws — a black kid shot dead for going home with a pack of Skittles — is fucking wrong.

Do you know any famous gardeners or what we like to call ”growers?”

James Grace, San Diego, California

I can mow a mean lawn! I am reading an interesting script right now: It’s a hydroponic story about a grower who’s imprisoned by the government and the only way he will be released is if he turns over his strain to the government. It’s a big movie, like a $40-million movie. Maybe they’ll get Woody Harrelson to play it.

I read in an article that a lot of Hollywood types are taking Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Have you ever tired HGH, and what is your opinion on it?

Cy Hewitt, Newport Beach, California

I have tried HGH, and I can tell you that, one, it’s very expensive — $300 to $400 per week. And two, they tell you that it will keep you youthful, make you more alert, your memory will be better, your skin will look better, you’ll sleep better, your hair won’t fall out as fast. What I found is that it gave me muscles! I went from 175 to 205 pounds of nothing but muscle, but it did nothing else for me.

I did have a medical issue while I was taking HGH. I can’t say that the HGH directly caused it, but I did have this thing happen to me that I will talk about in my book some day.

You can ask Michael your own questions in future issues of Rosebud. Reach him here: michaelbiehn@rosebudmag.com

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Michael Biehn has starred in some of the biggest films of all time.
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