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10 Hot Actresses Who Could Kick Your Butt

Halle Berry can kick your ass blindfolded Halle Berry can kick your ass blindfolded

They’re sexy. They’re stunning. They’re unstoppable - and they could wipe the floor with you in under sixty seconds. Which actresses make the list as lethal weapons?


10. Jennifer Garner. Memory refresher: Daredevil. Alias. Elektra. She’s not just the hot brunette everyone wants to get with - this chick can be scary deadly. She’s got a sense of humor, too, which makes her even more fun to watch. Maxim named her the #1 sexiest woman in 2001 - she deserved it.

9. Halle Berry. Starring in movies like X-Men, Catwoman, Die Another Day, and Swordfish, Berry became the only actress of African American Descent to win the Oscar for best actress (Dorothy Dandridge). Honestly? We love her best when she’s exhibiting super powers or acting as sidekick to 007. She got her nod as sexiest woman in 2003 from For Him Magazine.

8. Kristin Bauer. As the vampiress Pam on the HBO series TrueBlood, Kristin kicks butt with flair in heels and pearls. Who knew a bloodsucker could display peaches and cream Southern charm while she ripped your head off? Bauer has a long history of success on the small screen, including a stint on Justice League as Queen Mera. (Too bad it was animated - she would have ROCKED the costume.)

7. Katee Sackhoff. As Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace on Battlestar Galactica, Katee kicked butt on a regular basis. And looked good doing it. On 24 she played Dana Walsh until Jack kicked her butt in 2010. Now she’s kicking mental butt as part of the cast of CSI.

6. Stana Katick. Detective Kate Becket (Castle) has to make sure her suspects don’t get away with murder… and keep from committing a little of her own as writer Rick Castle blunders around behind her observing her crime scenes. Katick can kick your butt - with or without a gun. Wouldn’t you love her to get you alone in an interrogation room?

5. Lucy Liu. Memory lane holds so many special moments of the pint sized beauty. The dominatrix look in Payback. The hot kick butt chick in Charlie’s Angels. And of course, her role in Kill Bill. Liu is hotness times ten, and she can take out dudes three times her size… and make them like it!

4. Jessica Alba. Before Jessica sold out and started making crappy movies like Honey and Good Luck Chuck, she was the Dark Angel. Black motorcycle leather, terrific boots and a hell of a lot of attitude. Alba kicked butt through two seasons before the series was cancelled by FOX. (Typical - FOX loves to launch sci-fi series starring hot actresses and cancel them just when they are getting good…)

3. Summer Glau. Another repeated victim of prematurely cancelled programming, Glau kicked butt first as River Tam (Firefly, Serenity) then as Cameron (The Sarah Conner Chronicles). Summer does her own fight scenes on set - so don’t be fooled by her petite looks. (It is also rumored she can kill you with her brain.)

2. Angelina Jolie. Admit it, you were waiting for it - and believe me, the top two ladies on this list had to duke it out for top billing. From Mr. and Mrs. Smith to Lara Croft to her role as CIA assassin in Salt, Angelina takes butt kicking to a whole new level.

1. Uma Thurman. Two words. Kill Bill. Uma trained in martial arts and Japanese swordsmanship, and could provably kick your butt blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back. And look stunning while she did it - even if she’s covered in the blood of those who previously tried to cross her.

Any and all of these hot chicks could probably take you to the mat - so try not to leer when asking for an autograph!

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Angelina Jolie shows her powers in Salt
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