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Josh Lucas Joins GQ and Oceana to Protect the Oregon Coast

Josh Lucas isn’t just a Hollywood player, he’s also an environmentalist. Josh Lucas isn’t just a Hollywood player, he’s also an environmentalist.

Actor Josh Lucas is a true modern gentleman in more ways than one. Inspired by concerns over ocean degradation like over-fishing and pollution, he has joined GQ Magazine's Gentleman's Trust initiative, an organization that joins celebrities with organizations that work on global issues like hunger, education, and environmental protection. Lucas and GQ, along with iconic lifestyle brand Nautica, have joined the world's largest ocean conservation group, Oceana, to create an ad campaign urging us to protect the beautiful and delicate Oregon Coast.

Massive men's magazine GQ has decided that, along with dressing well and having great sex, the gentleman's lifestyle includes conservation and caring about the planet and its inhabitants. Together with celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, David Arquette and Jimmy Fallon, they create videos and public service announcements to use celebrity status and the popularity of the magazine to create buzz about organizations that combat hunger, educate underprivileged kids, or protect the environment.

Most recently, they have hooked-up with Josh Lucas, who is much more than an actor - he also recently opened his own production company, Two Bridges, and has collaborated with legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns on multiple documentaries. Perhaps most well-known for roles in the box-office smash Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon and Oscar-winner A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe, or darker films like American Psycho, Lucas will also be working on the highly-anticipated NBC series The Firm this Fall.

"We were in a landscape that was electrifying and it made you understand why the conservation movement is so profound and important."

Lucas, along with representatives from the three groups, traveled to film and observe the picturesque Yaquina Head, a headland known for views of gray whale migrations and seabird nesting sites.

"We were in a landscape that was electrifying and it made you understand why the conservation movement is so profound and important," Lucas told GQ. "That's the thing that I learned with Oceana: if you deplete one little place like the ocean waters off [Yaquina] Head - which is so magnificent and lush with life - that depletion begins this domino effect that rings true across a large area."

Oceana, with representatives from more than 150 countries, focuses on real impacts like lobbying for legislation that is beneficial to ocean conservation, particularly in the areas of overfishing, pollution, climate change, and habitat destruction. They employ scientists, lawyers, lobbyists, and advocates, all in an effort to work within the system to enact meaningful and lasting change. In addition to Lucas, they have collaborated with actors and directors like Harrison Ford, James Cameron, Zach Braff, and Morgan Freeman, and musicians like Ben Harper and Sting.

Being a gentleman in 2011 isn't just about what someone does for himself, or for their friends and family; a true gentleman is also kind to his planet. Josh Lucas and the GQ Gentleman's Trust show the spirit of the modern-day gentleman in their partnership with Oceana. Hopefully by using his celebrity status, Lucas and Oceana will be able to positively impact the precious ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

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Josh Lucas has multiple ways to contribute to better ecology, including working with Oceana and driving an eco-friendly car.
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