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Ali G, Borat, Jim Carrey, Women Comedians & More…Free Comedy for You

  • Written by  Amber Lovejoy
Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator: Nice Bodyguards, Borat! Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator: Nice Bodyguards, Borat! Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Laughter is the best medicine, and for sure we could all use a few more laughs these days. That's why I've spent some fun hours looking for free comedy for you to watch and enjoy right here, right now.

I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen these clips, or even heard of all these comedians. But I suggest you get in the “right mood” so you can laugh laugh laugh, and kick back to enjoy…

Most of us have heard of Jim Carrey, familiar with his roles as a "comedic" movie actor. Think Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, The Truman Show.

Get ready to laugh for free, because here’s some great comedy…

But you will trip out to discover his website, which provides insanely interactive, psychedelic, crazy-making entertainment.

Whoever developed the site was likely on the purest form of LSD ever created. As you cursor through the Jim Carrey site, you get a bizarre collection of images, pop-up monsters, sounds, music and information.

Oh, and…watch out for the photographer with the antlers!

Few people know that Canadian Jim Carrey started his career as a stand-up comedian and impersonator. Here’s an example of why so many of us love his wild mannerisms, wicked voices, over the top facial expressions and creative message…

You may have seen Dylan Moran in Shaun of the Dead, the zombie movie that shows how calm you can be when zombies are all around. But Moran started out as an Irish comic known for a vicious but funny way of looking at the world.

In this hour-long stand-up, Moran uniquely weaves politics, geography, social commentary and a sharp eye to make lots of people laugh. Especially pay attention to his sharp, witty comments about America…

If you study comedy long enough, you realize male comedians outnumber female comedians ten to one. Maybe it’s sexism in the comedy industry, or women just aren’t vicious, troubled or crazy enough to have the comic edge, but whatever the reason--there aren’t as many women comedians as there are men, and that’s a shame.

But the few women comedians that are out there are really out there, and you notice that their comedy is way different from what men do.

A good example is Latina female comedian Monique Marvez, who gets laughs dishing the dirt on male-female relationships…

Ted Nugent got away with telling Obama to suck on the end of a machine gun, and never apologized for it, but comedian and television star Christopher Titus decided to apologize after he made public comments in 2011 that some interpreted as a threat to shoot Sarah Palin if she ever became president.

Given Titus’ family history (his parents were violent and his mother was certifiably insane), it’s amazing he really hasn’t shot someone.

Instead, Titus pumps out comedy that often focuses on dysfunctional families, raising kids, beating up your spouse and similarly edgy topics. His most recent gig is a direct channel to his fans via podcast.

Check out Christopher Titus’ hilarious stand-up here:

Sacha Baron Cohen is a marvelously talented man who created memorable characters and played them to the hilt. I wasn’t very fond of his “gay fashionista” Bruno, but I was among the millions of people who love Ali G and Borat.

In his new movie, “The Dictator,” Sacha Baron Cohen goes away from playing a character who is fooling people into thinking the character is an authentic journalist, and has embarked on a new career path, which is to actually create a movie protagonist.

In this case, the protagonist is The Dictator, a fictional “Admiral General” Middle-Eastern dictator.

Rolling Stone is saying you’ll fall down laughing watching the movie, but my buds are saying that although it’s funnier than anything else in the theaters right now, it’s still not as funny as Ali G or Borat.

Here’s a clip of Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G, in case you want to compare for yourself…

What made Ali G and Borat so funny is that the people Cohen was interacting with really believed they were dealing with a journalist, albeit a rather offensive and awkward one.

Nowadays, Cohen is so famous, he can’t fool anybody, so he’s changed his comedy.

If you’ve checked out the Jim Carrey website, and the comedy videos we’ve given you here, your sides probably hurt ‘cause you’ve been laughing so much. I promise we’ll give you more comedy in the future, so stay tuned to rosebudmag.com.

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