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Top 5 Rivalries: Epic Feuds from Hip-Hop to Sports to Technology

The battle of mobile devices is a fierce one of some loyal customers. The battle of mobile devices is a fierce one of some loyal customers.


Everyone enjoys a good rivalry. We’ve been privy to soda wars (Coke vs. Pepsi), late-night wars (Conan vs. Leno) and nerd wars (Jedi vs. Trekkies). There’s no shortage of clashes to discuss, so without further ado, here are five of the most provocative conflicts this side of the Middle East:


This rivalry takes the Mac vs. PC feud of yesterday mobile, and it seems like the scales in this mighty contest are tipping. At one time, Apple’s iProducts dominated the market, but that dominance may have led to the hubris that has allowed Android to gain significant market share over the past year. It’s not clear which operating system will emerge as the winner here – who will be VHS and who will be Betamax – but it seems as if the battle could hinge on one key point of opposition: proprietary vs. open source.



When it comes to sports rivalry, it doesn’t get more heated than the Tar Heels vs. the Blue Devils. UNC and Duke are two big universities – one private, one public – situated 10 miles apart in the most basketball-crazy state in the union. Duke has racked up four national championships, while North Carolina has earned five. And then there’s the elite alumni: Grant Hill, Carlos Boozer and Christian Laettner from Duke; Vince Carter, James Worthy and Michael Jordan from UNC. This is a rivalry that shows no signs of cooling off any time soon.



Hip-hop is a genre that thrives on antagonism, but there was never a musical feud that blew up the way this one did. In fact, these two men came to represent entire geographic regions in the East Coast (Biggie) vs. West Coast (Tupac) rap rivalry that dominated the media in the ’90s. These former friends repeatedly dissed each other in song until they were shot dead within six months of each other, both by unknown assailants.



People have long debated the best way to trim inches and drop a few pounds, but there’s never been a resolution between proponents of the two most popular schools of dieting. Will eating a low-fat diet or a diet low in carbohydrates more effectively shrink that beer gut or muffin top? One thing’s for sure: No matter how you eat, you’re going to have to mix in some exercise. Check out Sweat Equity (p. 116) for more info on looking like a champ.



Sure, guys may have a preference when it comes to hair color, but at the end of the day, all that matters is a woman’s personality. Or something like that. Let’s keep this short to make room for bigger pictures of those hot personalities.



by Erik Biksa

Why are so many bloom boosters very high in P (phosphorous) and lower in K (potassium)? What about 0-1-3? Isn’t that going against the grain, so to speak?

Some growers insist that they need very high levels of P and don’t make much mention of K when it comes to describing their idea of a good bloom booster. Meanwhile, others say high loads of P levels hurt their plants and leave harsh tastes, insisting it’s the K that packs on the girth.


Well, besides being based on yields and quality, it comes down to research. High P content is the thinking and doing of conventional agriculture for fruiting plants, which are grown in fields where P is easily leached away from the roots. Contrast this with indoor plants, whose roots have constant access to P. If you’re growing indoors, there’s no need to over-apply P. The winner in this rivalry is clear.

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Blondes and brunettes battle for sexy soccer supremacy.
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