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Ft Lauderdale - Not Just for Spring Break!

Ft. Lauderdale Bikini Contest--Hot Women in Winter! Ft. Lauderdale Bikini Contest--Hot Women in Winter!

From gorgeous beaches strewn with the bikini clad and tanned women to the bustling nightlife and rowdy atmosphere of the Strip, Ft Lauderdale is definitely the go to spot for fun in the sun - especially in January or February!

Great food, amazing dance clubs, open air hookah bars and a short commute to Miami’s famed South Beach make Ft Lauderdale a prime destination when you need a break from hydroponics gardening. Man does not live from plants alone! Sometimes a little R&R is just what the doctor ordered.

Florida is a prime vacationing spot for the young and restless in the spring, but it’s also a terrific place to take some time off in the dead of winter and get a quick tan. The average temperature even in January is well over 60 degrees F, with highs reaching 80.

One of the best places to stay is Ft Lauderdale By The Sea. There are dozens of lovely hotels right off the beach, within walking distance of fine dining and shopping. The Aruba Beach Café stands on the beachfront next to the pier, and features live music, delicious seafood and open air dining as well as a full bar. Ocean 101 provides a more upscale atmosphere and sublime appetizers as well as a full dinner menu and bar.

Sip a mojito while listening to the local rendition of “Land Down Under”, then slip off your shoes and head down to the beach for a wade in the blue green waters. You can walk the pier and watch pelicans diving for the schooling ‘glider fish’, and drop a line over the edge to try your own luck.

The beach spreads in both directions as far as the eye can see, with towering condos lining the waterfront for the convenience of the fortunate wealthy. Sailboats and motorboats alike skim the waters, and cruise ships can be seen in the distance. It’s a paradise you’ll never want to escape from!

Don’t miss the Strip! The popular ‘Elbo Room’ bar is loud and open air, with two levels filled with laughter, music and dancing. Want a more secluded spot? The Pirate Bar is just around the corner, with graffiti scribbled walls and plenty of booty for sale in the adjoining store.

For guys, the gentlemen’s clubs beckon - and of these the Solid Gold club is the most elite. The ‘Cirque de Solid Gold’ performers lend a Vegas-like atmosphere with aerial acrobatics and a four star chef creates edible delicacies tableside.

It’s a short drive to the Miami Beach, and the arts district surrounding Lincoln Road. Open air cafes line the sidewalks, where you can order food and drinks or enjoy a peach or strawberry flavored smoke at one of the many hookah bars. Oprah said the Ice Box Café has the best cake in the world, and the strawberry caramel confection doesn’t disappoint.

You can get your palm read before heading back to the hotel at 3 am to crash and sleep till noon - then get up and do it all over again. Definitely don’t miss Ft Lauderdale if you decide to give south Florida a try; you could stay a month and not experience everything there is to see.

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NY Strip has a club in Fort Lauderdale
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