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Luxury Travel with Eco-Awareness – Part 2: More Green Adventure

Jean Michel Cousteau Restort in  Fiji offers eco luxury travel at its finest. Jean Michel Cousteau Restort in Fiji offers eco luxury travel at its finest.

With our trusty backpacks and camping gear stowed on dusty garage shelves, we seek the chic adventures. We bring you three more exemplary travel destinations that are gentle on the earth but are filled with unending luxury. If you’re looking for eco-friendly travel destinations, but you like you eco-luxury lifestyle to be filled with adventure, we’ve got what you’re looking for. We review a staple in the high-end travel world that is dedicated to their eco-conscious establishment, a marine biology buff’s dream, and also a refreshing destination within our US shores, on the gorgeous coast of California.

Take a peak at a few options for getaways that you can lose yourself in, without an ounce of guilt creeping in. These eco-friendly destinations prove that conscious indulgence feels just as good as reckless abandonment.

Destination: The Ritz-Carlton: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

For the traveler who: Likes trusted, familiar luxury, but still wants to go green.

What you can't experience elsewhere:

  • Luxury matched with local flair, including displays of local artwork and crafts.
  • Greg Norman designed golf course
  • Eric Ripert (Le Bernardin) restaurant (among a total of five restaurants onsite)
  • Tennis center run by Nick Bollettieri (known for training Agassi)
  • Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment program for kids teaches how to live more environmentally responsibly while guiding eco-adventures that educate on the eco-systems and culture of the Cayman Islands

Living Green:

  • Eco-adventure programs given to educate guests about Cayman’s environment and local sustainability practices
  • On staff Energy Reduction Manager who works with every facet of the hotel from services to guest education, installing LED lighting and turning kitchen oil into Bio-diesel
  • Recently instituted usage of Ritz-Carlton water bottles made entirely from plant materials.
  • Eric Ripert’s restaurant “Blue” features 70% of food locally sourced.

Link: http://www.ritzcarlton.com/grandcayman

Destination: Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort – Vanua Levu, Fiji

For the traveler who: Is a marine wildlife lover who wants to explore underwater and be pampered on the land.

What you can't experience elsewhere:

  • Fijian fishing trips where the catch is cooked up by a world-renowned chef.
  • Explore reefs with the onsite marine biologists who also give regular presentations so you too can be a lil’ Cousteau.
  • Located on 17-acres of a heavenly coconut plantation

Living Green:

  • Onsite garden that produces vegetables, fruits, and herbs served to the guests
  • Waste water system that uses coconuts and recycled bottles to produce clean water
  • Seafood served on premise only fished from deep ocean
  • First recycling program in the area

Link: http://www.fijiresort.com/

Destination: Cavallo Point – Sausalito, USA

For the traveler who: Wants to stay in the states but celebrates the long-term value of central California’s dedication to green living.

What you can't experience elsewhere:

  • San Francisco Bay’s first national park lodge
  • Cuisine under the direction of Michelin two-star chef Joseph Humphrey, serving the “Single Best Meal of the Year” as rated by GQ magazine in 2010
  • Unparalleled views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay
  • Tailored eco lure program for your four legged friend
  • 68 Historic and 74 contemporary guest rooms

Living Green:

  • Complimentary access to Eco-Innovator events – an educational series sponsored by The Institute at the Golden Gate
  • LEED gold certified
  • All landscaping with indigenous plants
  • Focus on green and sustainable organizations using resort for meetings and events
  • Constant dialogue with all vendors regarding packaging, sustainability practices, elimination of pesticides, and more

Link: http://www.cavallopoint.com/

Plot your course to get off the grid this summer while disappearing into resort life bliss. Green building, eco-vacations and eco-lifestyle are slowly becoming a norm, one that we should all expect. Though a quality eco vacation still takes some time and research, the payoff for us all is worth it. Soon eco-mindfulness will be de rigueur.

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A video tour of Jean Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji.
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