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Celebrity Suits for Men: How To Dress Like A Star

Look good in a suit with this advice from a fashion expert. Look good in a suit with this advice from a fashion expert.


For most growers, every day is casual Friday. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a suit in your closet. A sharp-looking, well-fitted suit shouldn’t feel like a burden to wear. In fact, the right suit can add a bit of swagger to even the most confident grower’s step.

Celebrity stylist Amanda Sanders knows this well. She dresses some of the richest and most powerful men in New York City. Chris Rock is a notable client who she’s helped dress for his appearance as the host of the Academy Awards. Sanders also styles the men on Bravo’s new reality show Love Broker and works with the fashion consulting company New York Image Consultant.

According to Sanders, black can be too formal for some occasions. Because her client works in a social profession, the more vibrant blue is appropriate. 

Rosebud Magazine recently accompanied Sanders on a private consultation at New York’s famous Barney’s department store to get the inside look at how the 1% gets dressed. It turns out they put their pants on one leg at a time – but the pants look really, really good.

Sanders’ client is a successful businessman who owns dozens of nightclubs throughout Philadelphia. During their previous meeting, Amanda visited his Philadelphia home and went through his closet. Now, she’s brought him to her turf at Barneys.

“Most men shop twice a season,” Sanders says, explaining the importance of making every shopping decision count. “They do it and get out.”

Once in the private shopping area, she picks up a few black suits and some in navy. According to Sanders, black can be too formal for some occasions. Because her client works in a social profession, the more vibrant blue is appropriate. Sanders always considers the client’s preferences and lifestyle to determine their wardrobe needs, but she still keeps her favorite men’s brands close.

“I always go back to Etro,” she says of the Italian fashion house.

Sanders favors clean lines and a contemporary feel. She makes sure to get a plain white fitted shirt and ties to wear with the suit. Then she grabs a few pairs of indigo jeans by Citizens of Humanity, some Etro shirts and a pair of black cap-toe Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. Just before leaving, a royal-blue gingham shirt catches her eye.

Citing reasons of professionalism, Mr. Big prefers to remain anonymous and let the suit do the talking. And when a suit looks this good, nothing more needs to be said.

Amanda Sanders’ Styling Tips for Men of All Means:

1. If a man is going to spend money on a single item, it should be his watch.

2. A man should own a few vibrant shirts. They make a good impression on a first date.

3. For suits, black isn’t always business-appropriate. Navy is universal and better for business.

4. A man’s pants and shoes should be of the same color value; this creates a long, clean line.

5. Wearing skinny jeans teeters on the edge of appropriateness for a man over the age of 35.

6. Avoid pleats and double pleats, which are older styles.

7. Pocket squares are great little items for adding an interesting flair to one’s outfit.

8. A man shouldn’t own too many woodsy flannel shirts unless he’s headed for the woods.

9. A retro suit or blazer with thin lapels deserves a thinner tie and a tie bar. Wider lapels should get a wider tie.

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A little something for those of you not interested in wearing a suit and tie.
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