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Fitness Tips: Basic Exercises Required For Total Body Fitness

Get strong and ripped with our expert work out tips. Get strong and ripped with our expert work out tips.


Everyone knows farmers are tough, and for good reason – farming and gardening is hard work. Do you need to be buff to be a gardener? Of course not. Being fit and well-conditioned certainly helps, though. Lazy gardeners are poor gardeners, but those who work hard will reap what they sow.

Every body part has a basic exercise movement for all-around conditioning that hits all the muscle heads. There are also more specialized movements that concern aesthetics and more well rounded development, but we are concerned with the basics for strength and conditioning so you can be more productive.


Barbell Shoulder Press

Lift the bar from the shoulder-press rack. Start your set with your arms fully extended above your head with a wider-than-shoulder-width grip. Do not lock your elbows. Lower the weight completely until it lightly touches your traps. Thrust back up with control.

Sets 3-5

Reps 10-12


Bicep Barbell Curls

Grip the barbell wider than shoulder-width, with your elbows turned slightly inward. Stand erect and lift from the elbow joints, not the upper arms or shoulders. Curl up and contract your biceps fully. Lower with control until your arms are fully extended again.

Sets 3-5

Reps 10-12

Tricep Barbell Press

Lie flat on the bench and take a very narrow grip on the barbell. Unrack the bar and lower it to your breastbone, pulling your elbows inward to further isolate the triceps on the upper thrust. Do not lock your elbows at the top, but keep them slightly cocked.

Sets 1

Reps 8-10


Flat Bench Press

Lie flat on the bench. Firmly plant your feet in a wide stance and take a wider-than-shoulder-width grip on the bar. Lower the weight with control all the way to your breastbone. Thrust back upward without locking your elbows at the top of the movement.

Sets 3-5

Reps 10-12


Squats (Smith Machine)

Get under the Smith machine and plant your feet wider than shoulder-width apart with your heels slightly forward (in a position that would upset your balance if you were using a free bar). Splay your toes outward at a slight angle. Squat down onto your haunches, then rise back up with your legs.

Sets 3-5

Reps 8-10


Behind-the-Neck Pull-Down

Get on the seated cable machine with a pull-down bar attached. Take as wide a grip as you can. Pull the bar all the way down and touch where your neck and shoulders meet. Contract and crunch your back before controlling the ascent back to the top of the movement.

Sets 3-5

Reps 8-10


Standing Calf Raise

Get under the shoulder padding of the calf-raise machine. Place your feet less than shoulder-width apart with the balls of your feet on the platform and your heels hanging off. Push up like you are trying to stand on your tiptoes. Lower and allow your heels to go below the platform, allowing for a full stretch of the muscle.

Sets 5

Reps 15-20



Place an incline sit-up board at the lowest setting. Get your feet under the padding with your knees slightly bent. Station and suspend your arms somewhere around your midriff. Extend all the way down until your back is on the bench. Lift your torso as upright as you can, crunching your abs at the top.

Sets 5

Reps 15-20

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