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Simple Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health

Exercise does not have to be boring. Exercise does not have to be boring.

Guys, I know you’re busy. Hydroponics is an awesome hobby and career – but let’s face it; sometimes it can be very time-consuming. As long as you are balanced, this does not have to be a negative thing. A key to being balanced is having good health and energy –otherwise you run the risk of burning out. Thankfully, simple lifestyle changes can improve your health.

MSNBC recently reported 70% of all doctor visits are lifestyle related – which means they could probably have been prevented. Whether it’s a lack of good insurance or just lack of time that has kept you from seeking preventative healthcare, fortunately it is not too late to start making smarter lifestyle choices and enjoy better health.

Organic and home-grown produce is an excellent way to get the best nutritional value from fruits and vegetables.


Start using your hydroponics skills at home. Organic and home-grown produce is an excellent way to get the best nutritional value from fruits and vegetables. Your cells are the foundation of your health. Chemical toxins cause your cells to malfunction and can even kill them. Conventionally grown crops are sprayed with significant amounts of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides – all harmful chemical toxins. Even rinsing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get rid of all the toxins, as they may be deeply absorbed inside the food. Growing produce in your own hydroponics garden ensures you won’t be consuming cell-destroying chemicals.

A healthy diet includes drinking plenty of water. If you’re used to chilling out with a few beers each night, this could be taking a serious toll on your kidneys and liver. Use moderation with alcohol, and limit your soda intake as well. Water is the ultimate health beverage and keeps your body running properly.


You knew this was coming, right? If you want to be healthy, there’s no escaping the need for exercise. Don’t start shaking your head, thinking you don’t have time. You have to make time. Adequate exercise keeps your heart healthy and your body strong – but that’s not all. A regular exercise routine is a great stress reliever, keeps your mood high, and improves your quality of sleep. As a dedicated hydro grower, you’ve surely experienced your share of sleepless nights. Your body needs regular rest to heal and rejuvenate itself – at least seven hours per night. Reduce bouts of insomnia with daily exercise – even just 30 minutes will help. Taking up jogging, biking, or swimming will not only benefit your body, but your mind as well. Joining a basketball or soccer team is even better – social sports are extremely rewarding. You’re having fun with friends, so it doesn’t even seem like exercise.


If your life is disorganized and cluttered, it will only make your anxiety worse. De-clutter equals de-stress. Learn to love lists and daily planners. Keep a budget book so you don’t lose track of your finances. TVs, radios, cell phones, and video games all contribute to “audiovisual clutter.” Being flooded with stimuli – even in the name of entertainment – is a significant source of stress. Spend more time with quiet – you’ll learn to appreciate it in no time. Try yoga or mediation for further stress relief, and don’t underestimate the power of a good massage.

Developing good habits for a healthy lifestyle won’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience to establish healthy routines, and self-discipline to maintain them. Don’t let a few setbacks discourage you, or mistakenly believe you’ll meet challenges every step of the way. Following these simple lifestyle changes are a great start; soon enough you’ll find even more ways to enjoy a better quality of life.

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Simple tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle
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