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Using HGH for Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Sexual Potency & Anti-Aging

Using HGH to lift the most! Using HGH to lift the most!

Having toned muscles, high sexual potency and staying young are fantastic goals that most of us are striving for. Perhaps you’ve heard about using HGH for bodybuilding, weight loss, sexual potency and anti-aging. HGH is human growth hormone…a natural substance produced by your anterior pituitary gland. It’s sometimes called the “master hormone” because it drives most of the other hormones in your body. That’s why people are using HGH for bodybuilding, sexual potency and anti-aging.

HGH is very controversial. Professional athletes, movie stars, and other elites use HGH and other "hormone" therapy to increase performance, look younger, and increase overall vigor. Professional athletic associations, government laws, and international organizations such as the Olympics consortium enforce a vigorous "anti-doping" regime to counter the use of HGH.

If you read clinical literature from mainstream Big Pharma researchers, you'd be led to believe that HGH has no beneficial effects and a lot of terrible side-effects, including the possibility that it could lead to cancer. On the other hand, HGH is doctor-prescribable for several medical conditions.

I first heard about HGH from hydroponics businessmen who were also into extreme sports, anti-aging and weightlifting. They were under the care of an innovative anti-aging medical doctor who himself used HGH and exhibited a youthful appearance and high levels of patient-centered energy that were unusual for someone working 12 hour days at 63 years of age. I met with the doctor and he explained to me the plusses and minuses of HGH. More about what it did for me later, but first, what's the deal about how HGH works in your body? 

As with many hormones, HGH levels peak during your adolescent growth spurt, and then start to decline. This decline is why your bones don’t just keep on growing. It’s also why your sexual potency, lean muscle mass, and overall vitality tend to decline as you age…no matter what you do with diet, exercise, vitamins and supplements.

Pharmaceutical companies make a synthetic version of HGH, generically called somatropin. This substance is prescribed for two conditions. One of them is childhood dwarfism. The other is “adult somatropin deficiency disorder.”

For those of us who aren’t professional athletes, using HGH for bodybuilding, anti-aging, sexual potency and weight loss is an intriguing possibility. When I used pharmaceutical HGH- it definitely increased my muscle mass, energy, sexual potency, and made bodybuilding easier. I experienced no apparent side-effects, other than soreness where I injected HGH into my abdomen.

One thing you need to know: only pharmaceutical, injectable HGH is legit. If you look for HGH on the Internet, you’ll see all kinds of “HGH supplements,” and all of them are junk. HGH cannot be absorbed through a pill, tablet, under the tongue, etc. If it’s not injectable, pharmaceutical HGH, you’re wasting your money.

Getting injectable, pharmaceutical HGH isn’t as easy as it used to be. But a few anti-aging doctors, sports doctors, and sexual potency doctors will prescribe HGH for you. If your insurance won’t pay for it, be prepared to pay about $800 per month for a daily dose program that’s strong enough to make a difference.

Also be aware that using HGH by itself is like putting a new engine onto an old transmission. My doctor told me It’s best to use HGH in combination with injectable testosterone, along with supplements for your adrenal glands and other glands. It’s best for you to have a skilled anti-aging doctor work with you to craft the right approach, and please note my generic disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, and nothing I say here is meant to be construed as medical advice. Before you embark on using HGH for bodybuilding, sexual potency and anti-aging, consult a licensed medical doctor who's open-minded about anti-aging strategies, and who understands the benefits and negatives of HGH. You definitely want to be fully informed before you make a decision.

My doctor advised me to use HGH and testosterone in a three month on, one month off program. He also said that unless I engaged in an intense exercise program during those months, the usefulness of using HGH and accompanying supplementation would be greatly diminished.

When I discontinued using HGH after losing health insurance reimbursement for the HGH and testosterone prescriptions, after about two months I began to feel my real age again. In other words, HGH works while you use it, but it doesn’t turn your body clock back permanently.

Using HGH for bodybuilding, weight loss, sexual potency, and anti-aging isn’t for everybody, but it worked for me. As you stay involved with the “cultivate yourself” lifestyle, HGH is something useful for you to consider, in concert with professional medical advice that measures how safe and effective HGH could be for you.

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