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  Men and women are not always on the same planet when it comes to sex. And some of the most puzzling sexual differences are how men and women show if they are sexually aroused and totally enjoying themselves during sex.
  Sex and love, do they really fit together so love makes sex even better? It reminds me of this classic saying: “Guys promise their love to a girl so they get sex from her; girls promise to give a guy sex, but what they really want is love.”
Dear Gabriella: My girlfriend swears it’s a big f’in hassle to shave her pubic area but she likes it shaved and so do I. One of our female friends say shaved is popular because guys want women to look like young little girls. That’s not true for me…I just like…
Hey Gabriella:What are some of the weirdest, kinkiest, sickest things you’ve ever been asked to do or have had done to you sexually, did you like them, and why? --Jenna, from Manhattan, New York Hey Jenna: You trying to get me in trouble, girl? I’m going be as bold as…
Dear Gabriella: Thanks for all the great information and I am really hoping you can help me with this question, it’s something a lot of my friends wonder, why do women fake orgasms? Is it that hard for women to get off and what if anything can I do to…
Dear Sex Tips: I’m a 27-year-old man concerned about the size of my [penis]. I know it sounds immature, but some women I’ve been with tell me bigger is better. What do women really think about size? Is there anything I can do to make mine bigger?”---Worried, in Boulder, Colorado
Hungry for the taste of a woman, hungry for a taste of “the cat,” the special cat that each woman has…the “between the legs cat.” Why am I using the word “cat?” The editor of this magazine doesn’t allow me to use the actual, most-popular sexual “cat word” when I…
Prostitutes are in the news! Like the Secret Service scandal in which President Obama’s sworn protectors got themselves fired for hangin’ with hookers in Colombia. Or the Ontario, Canada court decision that appears to legalize brothels. People have been paying for sex for as long as there’s been something to…
Porn is one of the biggest, craziest industries in the world. And yet you hear some women claiming porn is bad. They think it portrays girls only as sexual beings, shows violence against women, makes all women look like “sluts.” Well yeah, big news there, some porn sucks. A lot…
The smartphone era has spawned a wide variety of apps that focus on sparking romance among iPhone and Android users. These are some of the best on the market today. Sorry Blackberry users, you’re probably not getting any.

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