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Discover the Poisoned Sex Toy Conspiracy…Save Your Life!

  • Written by  Gabriella Ferrari
How could pleasure be so poisonous? How could pleasure be so poisonous?

Guys ask me why I use sex toys. I half-joke that sex toys don’t snore, flip out, or cheat on me.

They’re the ever-ready sex buddy you can always count on, unless the Eveready batteries give out.

But that was before I discovered the poisoned sex toy conspiracy. It started when I told my gynecologist I masturbate using sex toys and she immediately said, “I need to see.”

At first, I thought she meant she wanted to see me masturbate, which was a bit worrisome. Or maybe she was attracted to me?

She explained she wanted to see my sex toys. But why, I asked.

She handed me a report she’d just gotten at a gynecology conference, about toxic dildos. The shocking truth is, you might be poisoning yourself with your dildo or vibrator.

The culprit is a common class of chemicals called “phthalates.” Pronounce it “Thaylates.” There are dozens of individual types of phthalates, and they’re everywhere plastic is because they’re added to plastic as a softener or stabilizer.

The kicker is that they don’t fully bond with the plastics they’re added to, so they’re constantly leaching into the environment, and into us.

We live in a phthalate soup that invades us from inside and outside our bodies! Worse yet, these chemicals have been linked to severe health problems. The biggest risk groups are children, men, and women. In other words, every darned one of us.

Using sex toys laced with phthalates is particularly harmful for women because the main bad effects of phthalates take place in your endocrine (hormonal) system.

My gynecologist explained that when you place phthalate-laden PVC sex toys inside yourself right there where your womb, eggs, and ovaries are, you’re asking for higher than average absorption of phthalates in an area of your body that directly affects your overall health.

And if you’re thinking of becoming a mom, or using inserted sex toys while pregnant, it’s even worse for your health and any children you create inside you.

Of course, any industry that makes toxic substances can buy scientists to defend itself.

Decades ago, tobacco companies owned doctors who said smoking cigarettes is good for you…almost like a medicine.

The phthalate industry claims there’s no proven connection between phthalates and health harms. The report my gynecologist showed me contained all the “proven connection” I needed, and she advised me to visit Good Vibrations, the legendary sex toy retailer that long ago made it a policy to sell sex toys that are totally free of phthalates and other toxins.

If you’re a heterosexual guy, I assume you don’t use dildos or vibrators on yourself, but you may be using them on your woman.

Or you may be using one of those “portable vagina” devices. In either case, you’ve got to make sure you’re not dosing yourself or your lover with toxins.

There’s a happy ending to this story of toxic fears. I went to Good Vibrations and was thrilled by the range and improvements in dildos and vibrators since the last time I shopped for a sex toy.

Let me tell you…shopping for sex toys is the most fun shopping experience you’ll ever have, although I do wish they’d provide a fitting room.

Anyways, I purchased a G-Swirl all-silicon, waterproof G-spot vibrator. Went home, threw the phthalates-polluted vibrator away, got into the G-Swirl’s pulsation control module, and sailed into orgasm heaven.

Now if I could only get rid of phthalates from our air, water, plastics and environment, I’d be even more ecstatic. On the other hand, I can’t complain…and I just bought a year’s supply of AAA batteries for my new toxin-free silicon sex toy friend.

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