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How to Get Women to Notice You

Break out of your shyness shell to get women to notice you Break out of your shyness shell to get women to notice you

Every guy wants to get noticed by pretty girls.  Some guys want to get noticed by any girl.  Unfortunately, sometimes this just doesn’t happen.  No matter how hard a guy may try, he may feel completely invisible when it comes to getting noticed by women.  If this has happened to you, don’t despair.  A few key tips can help you get the attention you so desperately desire.

First of all, it’s extremely important to develop confidence.  A word of caution: don’t confuse confidence with cockiness!  Women do not like cocky men.  A confident man, however, is comfortable with himself and not afraid to become part of social situations.  If you’re quietly sitting in the corner of the club, obviously no women are going to notice you.  You need to be in the middle of the action, a part of the conversation, and involved in the activities around you.

If shyness is a problem, you’re going to have to force yourself to break out of your shell.  The next time you’re at a party, make yourself talk to as many different people as possible.  When you’re at the club with your buddies and they all get up to dance – you do the same.  Getting over your shyness will allow you to be more open and approachable – a definite plus when you want women to notice you.

Next, you want to build on your character.  Women are attracted to guys who know their strengths and have a good sense of self.  Do you have a good sense of humor?  Women love guys who can make them laugh.  Are you a great listener?  A major point in your favor.  When you really know who you are, you’ll be much more comfortable talking to women.  Thinking about what areas you need to work on will help you round out your character and boost your confidence at the same time.

Another great way to get women to notice you is to actually do things worth noticing.  Becoming a volunteer for a good cause is not only an excellent way to meet women, it’s also the perfect opportunity to show what a great guy you are.  Do some research in your community and find out where volunteers are needed.  If all else fails, start a project yourself and enlist others to participate.  Remember – this will only work if you actually care about your cause.  Women can spot a fake a mile away.

If you have trouble getting out and going places, make friends with outgoing people.  The more places you go, the more people you’ll meet – and the more chances you’ll have of being noticed.  Make sure you join in the conversations around you – especially with women.

The last key to getting women to notice you is good physical appearance.  If you’re not the best looking guy in the world – don’t worry!  A good appearance means being clean and fresh, and wearing the right type of clothes.  A nice outfit that fits you well is much more likely to get you noticed than a grungy T-shirt and baggy pants.

To get women to notice you, remember these all-important three Cs: Confidence (not cockiness!), Character, and Cleanliness.  Pretty soon you’ll not only be getting noticed; you’ll be getting phone numbers as well.

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Confidence and relaxation are just two of the ways to get women to notice you...
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