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Mistakes Men Make in Bed – Are You Guilty?

You may be satisfied...but is she? You may be satisfied...but is she?

Women love to gossip. One of our favorite topics to discuss with our girlfriends is sex. The good, the bad, the ugly – we share it all. This may or may not surprise you, but it just might worry you. What does your girl have to say about you? Are you confident you fall into the category of “best she’s ever had,” or is a tiny part of you wondering if you’re not quite the Don Juan you think you are?


Sorry guys, but the sad reality is that men make mistakes in bed. Most guys make mistakes they aren’t even aware of – and unless his girl has the courage to tell him there’s a problem, he’ll go on making the same bedroom blunders. Check out this list of common mistakes men make in bed to see if you’re guilty.

1. Ignoring cues from your girl. Relationship expert Stacey Nelkin says “Most women complain that men don’t listen and it translates into the bedroom as well. Perhaps it stems from the male ego, which tells them ‘I know it already’ or ‘I know it better than she does.’” Big mistake. Guys, if your ego is telling you something similar – tell it to shut up. Unless you’re psychic, you can’t possibly know what your woman wants unless you pay careful attention to her verbal and physical cues. Body language plays a huge role in good sex, so learn to read it correctly.

2. Foregoing foreplay. Obviously there are going to be times when foreplay is the last thing on both of your minds. However, there’s a big difference between getting caught up in a passionate, gotta-have-you-now moment and jumping on your girl out of nowhere and going straight for the gold on a regular basis. Insufficient foreplay can undermine the entire act of sex, so don’t be lazy. Warm up the engine before you step on the accelerator.

4. Disrespecting her. Repeat this mantra: “my girl is not a porn star.” Despite what you see in porno flicks, girls don’t want to be slapped, spanked, or called nasty names (unless of course, she’s into that kind of thing). Although your girl might go along with some of your porn fantasies at first just to please you, eventually it may make her feel uncomfortable, even resentful. Before you call her derogatory names, get rough, or act out any kinky desires, make sure you have her wholehearted agreement.

5. Treating sex like an oil change. Your car needs regular, routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Unfortunately some guys apply this same philosophy to their sex lives. Remember, your girl is not a car. Regularly scheduled servicing is not enough to keep your girl satisfied. She needs spontaneity, variety, and surprises. You might think you have a tried-and-true method when it comes to sex, but don’t rely on one standard procedure. Tristan Taorimo, sex educator, explains,"You develop a repertoire as you mature sexually, but you should never assume that what worked for the last person is going to work for this person." Break out of your routine by trying new positions, learning different techniques, and diversifying your foreplay fun.

If you assume you know everything there is to know about pleasing a woman, you’re probably wrong. Learn about what mistakes you might be making, and work to correct them. Taking the initiative to improve your sexual skills puts you ahead of the pack, since most guys are too arrogant to think they have anything to learn. When it’s time for girl’s night out, it will be you the women are toasting with their cocktails.

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