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The 5 Must Have Men’s Shoes and Some Kick Ass Boots

Kenneth Cole crosses the line between dress and casual Kenneth Cole crosses the line between dress and casual

With all the time and money we women spend on our shoes, do you think we don’t notice yours? When was the last time you put some serious thought into your footwear?


David Tennant may have made the geek look sexy, but not everyone can carry off a pair of lace up red Converses like the Doctor Who. You need some serious footwear in your closet - and by serious we don’t mean hip waders and hiking boots, or do we?

A real man should have at least five pairs of shoes in his closet besides his sneakers and outdoor gear. There are appropriate styles for the office, the dinner party and the ‘meet the parents’ date, and then you have to take the needs of the rest of your wardrobe into account as well.

Expect to drop some serious cash on shoes. Good ones will last you for years, and the cost will be well worth it. The following selections range from $100-$300 a pair.

1. Hugo Boss. A lace up black shoe for the office is a must. Choose from the Hugo Boss Recco dress shoe or the similar Cloude oxford - both have polished leather uppers and a lace up closure. These classic men’s shoes run about $200 a pair.

2. Kenneth Cole. For casual Friday or an office party, a slightly less formal look is perfect. The Kenneth Cole New York Merge is a lace up oxford with a square toe and a little chunkier heel. If you take the stairs instead of the elevator a lot, these are a little more comfortable. They retail online for around $115 a pair.

3. Calvin Klein Need to be able to go from strict office code to after work casual? Calvin Klein Babe dress loafers come in dress black or classy mahogany with dual gore panels for an easy slip on and off. The leather uppers and square apron toe make this a shoe that feels comfortable all day. At just $120 a pair, get both colors.

4. Allen-Edmonds. You need a second pair of shoes for the office, so you can alternate and make your shoes last longer and stay fresher. Allen-Edmond Presidio loafers have a calfskin upper leather with the penny keeper for tradition’s sake, and a heavy rubber sole with no metal shank (making them ideal for airline travel). A pair will run you about $285.

5. Naot Footwear. Finally, for those times when you want to wear khakis and your other shoes are a touch too dressy, try Naot Footwear’s Jasper. It’s a side gored slip on in black matte or toffee, and is perfect for casual outings when you shed the suit coat in favor of a pullover. Naot shoes run around $140-$190 a pair online.

6. Danner or Hoffman Boots: these come recommended by the man himself, our very own publisher who appears in the video below. For the outdoor gardeners among us, his suggestion is to buy Danner or Hoffman boots with the predator extreme sole! Available from Hoffman Boots in Kellogg, Idaho (1-800-925-1599) and tell them Big Mike of RosebudMag sent you!

One last note on the dress shoes - make sure your belt and shoes match! Nothing looks worse than a brown belt when you are wearing a navy suit and black shoes. Oh, and don’t wear ‘brown’ shoes at work - if you must go for a different shade than black, keep it to a deep mahogany, match the belt, and pull the color in with a matching pinstripe in the shirt or motif on the tie.

Or you could just let us dress you. Just a thought.

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For rugged outdoor gardening you must buy Danner or Hoffman Boots
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