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WikiLeaks, Democracy Now, Pro Publica, Common Dreams: Kicking the Ass of Fox News

Julian Assange: Definitely more useful than Fox News! Julian Assange: Definitely more useful than Fox News!

When you want investigative journalism that tells you the truth about the powerful forces and people that are changing your world for the worse, you’ll find it mostly on the internet because mainstream media is a corporate-controlled public relations and propaganda machine for people and organizations that aren’t your friends. Let’s take a look at investigative journalism sources that have more credibility and usefulness than CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, National Public Radio (NPR) or your local newspaper. They are: Democracy Now, Pro Publica, Common Dreams and WikiLeaks.

Democracy Now is a 5-day-a-week video news show that you can watch or listen to anytime. Host Amy Goodman is among the top five anti-establishment journalists in the world, and definitely the hardest-working of them. Although Amy tends to be left-liberal when it comes to immigration and other social issues, her reporting on war, government corruption, government surveillance, environmental destruction, corporate crimes, the drug war, and other activities is second to none.

Amy Goodman has been shot at, beaten and arrested by government thugs, but she keeps on kicking ass. In many cases, you’ll hear news on her show weeks before you hear about it in the mainstream media. It’s awesome that her shows are archived so you can listen to them anytime you want to. Her crew divides the shows up into segments so you can listen to only the topics you want to hear.

If the world were a fair place, Amy Goodman would have already won a Pulitzer Prize. As it is, she has about 4 million regular viewers and is funded by them, rather than advertising. Check out Democracy Now and see real journalism that shames Fox News, CNN, NPR and the rest of the fluff media.

Common Dreams reprints articles from a variety of other journalistic sources. It does not contain much original reporting done by its own staff members, but the variety and tone of the articles it chooses are indicative of good journalism.

One thing you’ll notice about Democracy Now and Common Dreams is that they are not pro-Obama. They are not shills for the Democratic Party. Indeed, Amy Goodman interviewed Bill Clinton when he was president and verbally tore him to shreds. Common Dreams shares with Amy the benefit of not being a fan of politicians who sell out their supporters or are corrupt...in other words, almost all politicians! 

Many Common Dreams articles of course hated on Bush, Cheney, bankers, and similar fraudsters, but they aren’t much happier with Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. In other words, the so-called “Left” media is a lot more fair and balanced than the so-called mainstream media, especially Fox News, which tells only one side of the story and promotes people like Glenn Beck.

Pro Publica is the most professional and original of the alternative “real journalism” sources we’re looking at in this article. So professional that it won a Pulitzer Prize (journalism’s highest honor) in 2010.

It’s strange to see Pro Publica having such a progressive, populist stance, given that its founders and upper level elite bosses are veterans of corporate America and capitalism’s favorite propaganda organ, the Wall Street Journal.

And yet, Pro Publica has put its teeth into pharmaceutical companies, incompetent doctors, rogue New Orleans cops, the oil and gas industry, Wall Street rip-offs, governmental corruption and other timely topics with a crusading zeal and a heaping load of documentation. That’s why Pro Publica won the Pulitzer Prize, and Fox News (hopefully) never will.

WikiLeaks was founded several years ago by professional hackers and whistleblowers, and led by Julian Assange, WikiLeaks exposed US war crimes and other bad actions by putting secret US government documents on display for the whole world to see.

What’s really strange is that of all the crimes that WikiLeaks has exposed, nobody in the US military or other US government entities has been prosecuted. But American and Canadian politicians, as well as Fox News commentators, have called for Julian Assange to be assassinated, and his imprisonment on “sex crime” charges almost certainly resulted from pressure from the US government and its allies.

Democracy Now explores WikiLeaks documentation

Governments and spy agencies, along with their co-conspirators in the banking and Internet industries have attempted to lock WikiLeaks off the web. But if you can still find it, WikiLeaks documents tell the story behind the story, and it’s not pretty.

When you’re tired of the bullshit propaganda and meaningless tripe spewed out daily by Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today, CNN, National Public Radio (NPR) and other mainstream “news” organizations, check out the progressive news organizations listed in this article. Hydroponics growers are astute people who want honest information from journalists who expose corruption. WikiLeaks, Pro Publica, Democracy Now and Common Dreams are news sources you can trust more than corporate media.

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