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Ask Erik: RAW! - Fight the Power: Saying NO to Smart Meters Featured

Smart meters may be a threat to health and privacy. Smart meters may be a threat to health and privacy.


The power company has been promoting smart meters where I live, and there is talk of converting the grid here to a “smart grid.”  According to the power company, this is going to benefit me, but they are rather vague about how exactly.  Doing some research, I see these things are hugely controversial - there is reportedly even a moratorium on them in California.
I don’t want one, what can I do?


You are absolutely right: things are starting to heat up when it comes to discussing smart meters. The irony of this statement is that there are documented reports that smart meters do in fact heat up, to the point of combustion in some instances.
From the data we have seen here at Rosebud Magazine, the failure rate seems unacceptably high for a device that is supposed to regulate the entire electrical load that enters a residence. For example, let’s say there is a 0.5% failure rate. That means that one in every two hundred houses in your area stands a chance of having serious problems.

Some folks say the odds are much greater than that, say more like 100%, that they will cause harm due to what are reportedly unacceptable levels of radiation that may emit as bursts from Smart Meters. This may be of particular concern for people with young children, the elderly or those with medical needs.

Other opponents of the smart meter technology declare the devices illegal because they create unauthorized surveillance of the residence where they are installed.  According to these opponents, electrical usage - when, what kind, how often, for how long - is recorded and updated by the millisecond, creating a history that would say when you got up, when you left, when you like to go on vacation, etc.

We plan to stay on top of this controversial issue and keep our readers up to date and informed. 

Some areas offer a “buy out” program, meaning that you are expected to pay a large corporation money to not potentially endanger or violate you with the assistance of your own government. “Atrocious” is the word we use to describe this situation here at Rosebud Magazine.

You can keep checking back with us for resources on what you can do, and still remain a law abiding citizen. We plan to stay on top of this controversial issue and keep our readers up to date and informed. In many areas, a well worded legal notice may be enough to prevent installation; however in some instances, residents have gone further, even so far as to lock up their analog meters to prevent replacement. Make sure you have a good understanding of your local laws so you can be a part of a positive solution until further proof can be offered to you that the smart meter poses no threat to your health or liberty.

Stand Fast,

Erik Biksa

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Erik Biksa helps you keep up with the latest on controversial smart meters.
Last modified on Tuesday, 10 July 2012 15:31

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