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If you love gardening but are confined to a small apartment or condo, you may feel as if you don’t have the room to grow an adequate vegetable garden. While limited space can be frustrating for city-dwellers, growing a hi-rise hydroponics garden is far from impossible. With a little creativity and planning, you can use vertical spaces to produce a beautiful and plentiful garden.

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One out of two marriages is destined to fail, according to current statistics. No doubt the numbers are similar, if not worse, for couples who aren’t married. Relationships are often complicated and difficult to maintain, and problems are intensified when couples refuse to put in the necessary effort to correct them.

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Are you one of the millions who suffer from insomnia? If so, I completely commiserate with you. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as lying awake all night – completely exhausted – but unable to fall asleep. An estimated 30 to 50% of the population are affected by insomnia, with 10% suffering from chronic insomnia. What causes this stubborn sleep disorder? Is there hope for those who suffer from insomnia?

Gardeners on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enhance their indoor gardening should check out AeroGarden, the world’s first self-contained, automated indoor garden appliance. This revolutionary indoor gardening system uses hydroponics technology, requiring no dirt for growing plants. Reviewers rave about this hassle-free device, enjoying the freedom of growing fresh vegetables, flowers, and herbs right in their own kitchen.

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Farmers have got it great. Rural landowners have all the space they need for growing crops, maintaining beautiful gardens, and helping themselves to fresh food anytime. But as more and more natural land is turned into concrete city blocks and high-rise buildings, not everyone has that luxury. When it comes to gardens, are city dwellers just plain out of luck?

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You’ve got a beautiful naked woman in your bed. She’s smiling at you seductively while her hands smooth down the sheets beside her in invitation. You’ve waited for this night for months and it’s finally here...and you’re scared to death.

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Do you have a death wish? Most of us would hopefully answer “no” to that question but if you are a smoker, you’re answer is an emphatic “yes.” Whether you agree with that statement or not, the sad truth is smoking cigarettes will eventually kill you. If you continue smoking, chances are you will look back on your life and the decisions you made and wish to God you could go back in time and quit while you had the chance.

It’s a tale as old as time – you’re great pals with this girl, but you can’t help wishing you were more than friends. It’s one of the most common questions asked of relationship experts: how do I go from friend to boyfriend? Perhaps you have asked this question yourself, wondering how on earth you make the transition.

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Let’s face it; every guy wants a better sex life. Even if you have a fantastic time between the sheets, in the back of your mind you’re probably wondering if there are ways to make it even better. Rather than focusing on what would make it better for you – think about what would make it better for her.

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Music lovers who are tired of hearing the same old thing on the radio need to check out The Script, a soft rock Irish band from Dublin. In sharp contrast from so many pop singers that defile the word music, The Script has real talent and sings beautiful, insightful songs. Since their debut single “We Cry” in 2008, this band of friends started their rise to worldwide fame.

Everybody knows women are emotional creatures. We cry when we’re sad, happy, angry, frustrated, or sometimes for no reason at all. Then there are women who have so much emotional baggage you’re surprised you can’t see suitcases. How do you deal with her erratic moods?

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What does a girl raised by two pastors turn into when she’s all grown up? A flamboyant pop singer who wears outrageous outfits and belts out tunes about kissing another girl (and liking it), apparently. Maybe not all religiously-raised girls turn out this way (I know I have never worn a cone-shaped bustier or a fruit basket on my head), perhaps Katy Perry is the exception. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with her upbringing; Katy Perry just might enjoy embracing her unique individuality and love drawing attention to herself.

Nothing drives a guy crazier than a girl who plays hard to get. It’s frustrating, annoying, and exhausting. A woman who plays hard to get is unpredictable and hard to read, making it difficult for the guy to determine if she’s playing him or simply not interested. Most men admit that they themselves have played hard to get, but they don’t like it when the tables are turned. In the dating game, is it fair for both sexes to be active players?

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For a truly unforgettable vacation, take a trip to Bora Bora, the “Romantic Island” of French Polynesia. Bora Bora is quite possibly the most famous island in the world, featuring high-class resorts, gorgeous scenery, romantic legends, and exciting tourist attractions.

Finding the right cologne can be challenging for many guys – downright impossible for some. Trying to figure out what cologne is suited best for you may be intimidating because of the variety of choices. Maybe you leave the cologne shopping to your wife or girlfriend, but it’s not a bad idea to know what’s out there and which colognes are better than others. A great cologne helps you make a memorable first impression and sets you apart from the crowd – not to mention girls love a guy who smells good.

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