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The most successful companies in the industry often mirror the most successful growers — always pushing forward to the next level and avoiding riding the plateaus of former successes. Results that might satisfy or even astonish others simply aren’t enough for these dynamic individuals and companies. While it’s true that necessity is the mother of all invention, perhaps it is passion that is the father of innovation.


Achieving the perfect crop is determined even before you transplant. It all starts with an attitude and the desire to achieve cropping perfection, no matter where your current growing skill level may reside.


Q: I have been involved in a discussion with someone about a chemical fungicide called Eagle 20EW. They report that it works well on their crop in combating powdery mildew. However, I also understand that it’s mostly intended for turf-grasses and ornamentals. This is clearly stated on the label.

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Microbial teas have a long standing in agricultural history. Some of the first fertilizer solutions were brewed by soaking manures or other organic matter in a burlap sack in a barrel of water. After soaking for several days, this “tea” was then watered into the soil for plants to feed upon. Even today, with all of the nutrient technologies that are available to growers, there are lots of benefits to be reaped by brewing aerobic microbial teas for root drenches or foliar applications on indoor and outdoor crops.


C’mon down and join us here in Hydro Lingo Bingo — the game where you get to show your level of hip-talk in hydroponics.

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Check out this cool gear for all you outdoor growers who are roughing it in the wilderness in order to bring your delicious crops to market. Your hard work is well worth it, but that hard work is made a little easier when you have the right equipment. Grower guru Erik Biksa has you covered with this great info. Check it out.

Water. Most of our cellular composition, and that of the crops we grow, consists of water. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our planet consists of water, yet it is one of the most overlooked and underestimated factors when it comes to growing success.

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Staying cool is important not only for you, but for your hydroponics indoor grow room. Check out these tips from Rosebud Magazine's resident grower guru, Erik Biksa, and get your grow room to the right temperature.

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Q: Dear Erik, I’ve heard all the arguments about hydro versus organic. We grow hydro because growth rates and yield are great, plus the system uses grow rocks in pots on drip trays. The bonus is everything is totally reusable. We pull out the old roots, clean up the rocks, sterilize the system and plant again. We can flip the room from harvest to planting in a day or two — within hours if we want to.


Check out the Rosebud Magazine guide to insect and pest problems. We've got tips on battling everything from spider mites to grasshoppers in your outdoor garden or hydroponic indoor grow room.


Although modular grow tents have long been available in Europe, many North American growers may be surprised to learn that you don’t have get stuck with cookie-cutter sizes and shapes when selecting a tent. Think of all the extra square footage of yields lost to irregular shapes in buildings, having to work around columns or other obstructions when setting up a grow tent. What about tight spaces — ever try to set up an 8-by-8-foot North American-style grow tent in a 10-by-10-foot space? Here’s an example of a modular grow tent that uses individual panels rather than entire preset covering sizes. Going modular, you can construct a tent in just about any shape to suit your needs. No tools required.


Welcome to our second installment on NGS: networked growing systems. In our previous article, we started on our goal to completely automate our hydroponic setup, giving us complete control over all aspects of the garden from anywhere in the world via smartphone or PC.


Q: I have grown quite a few different strains, and in spite of all the selections that are available, there are only a few select varieties that are really popular in my area. I wish I could grow something completely different, but I am a commercial gardener, so I have to deliver what the market demands. However, I want to do it with a twist to make my crop stand out from the others.

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Q: Where I live, it’s going to take some serious cooling to be able to grow indoors this summer. Even at night, the outside temperature can be 85°F, and the humidity needle spikes during rainy weeks. Other growers in the area say that in/out just isn’t an option around here. As a matter of fact, a lot of them shut down their grows entirely and start again in the fall when things cool off. Power isn’t cheap. I want to run about eight 1000W HID lamps and keep things cool and happy for my crop. I don’t mind spending a little on the gear; my biggest concern is keeping the power bill down. Any help?

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Hey Folks, c’mon down and join us here in Hydro Lingo Bingo - the game where you get to show your level of hip-talk in hydroponics.

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