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Happy Kreter

Happy Kreter

Happy is a regular contributor to RosebudMag.com and has written for various other publications, including Black Belt, Inside Hockey, and FoxSports.com. He transitioned to life as a writer following a decade-long career as a touring musician. He lives with his son in Vancouver, British Columbia

Website URL: http://www.rosebudmag.com/hkreter

Urban gardening is taking off in major centers around the world, from New York to Tokyo. One of the most impressive of these projects towers above Western Canada’s most populous city, Vancouver.

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Hey Rosebud readers, have we got a cool contest for you! Here’s your chance to win a DVD or Blu-ray copy (your choice!) of Season 2 of Homeland, Showtime’s Emmy Award-winning TV series.

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Growing is demanding. If you have a large operation or multiple operations (or both), you’re lucky to get a moment to yourself, much less a day off. The life of your crop is complex, and you have to keep a watchful eye on those high-value plants.


There are a lot of trimming machines out there, and Steven Drummond of Trimpro is happy to tell you that many of them are good at what they do. But if you’re looking for a company with the most complete range of products to suit your needs, Trimpro leaves the competition behind.


We all heard them on the schoolyards and suburban cul-de-sacs where we grew up – rumors of mutant pets, bizarre deaths and secret celebrity alter egos. As the stories got passed around, the buzz generated by their haunting mysteries seemed to grow more and more alluring.

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Norway’s Shining aren’t your average metal band. In fact, they started out as a jazz group. But they’ve managed to crack into the mainstream of their native Norway, and now with a new album, BlackJazz, they’re set to take over the rest of the world.


Hey music fans, we know that there’s one thing you like as much as new kickass music from your favorite band, and that’s getting free stuff. Fast rising rock duo Middle Class Rut have a new album, Pick Up Your Head, and a hot tour coming right up this summer, and to help spread the word, we’re giving away some amazing Middle Class Rut swag.

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For a band with millions of YouTube views, Middle Class Rut are an anomaly. Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham don’t pander to the masses with auto-tuned bubblegum pop churned out in some big studio’s songwriting factory. Instead, the Sacramento duo blast out blazing rock tunes that are equal parts ferocious and infectious.


Every couple of months we look at the hottest TV, film, and music releases so that you can spend your precious time in your garden rather than sifting through reviews and the detritus of the entertainment world. When you get home from the grow room, these entertainment options will help you wind down.


It could be the dawning of a new day for agriculture thanks to a fresh kind of greenhouse that is environmentally friendly, economical and allows for growing some of the cleanest food imaginable.

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It’s seed starting time again! While researching which plants to grow, don’t forget to find out about the seeds themselves. Seed coat, cotyledon, endosperm and embryo — that’s what little seeds are made of.

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Hey music fans, we know that there’s one thing you like as much as new kickass music from your favorite band, and that’s getting free stuff. Victory Records deathcore heavyweights Emmure are touring the world in 2013, and to help spread the word, we’re giving away a bunch of amazing Emmure merch.

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One of the most taxing parts of harvest time is the tedious trimming. Spending hours upon hours hunched over your flowers working a pair of scissors can leave your shoulders, wrists and back aching. Thankfully, there’s Trim Bin, a new product that helps alleviate the awkward postures you end up in while trimming. Additionally, Trim Bin helps you easily collect both your flowers and their pollen in an easy-to-use collection tray so that fewer precious components of your harvest are lost in the cleaning process.

Check out these albums, movies, TV shows, and other cool stuff we're into right now. These are great ways to pass the time when you're not tending to your plants, or in some cases, while you're tending to your beloved grow.


As growers, we have an intimate relationship with our plants. We start them from seeds and watch as they mature, eventually developing beautiful flowers and fruits for our customers enjoyment as well as our own. But did you ever wonder why plants do what they do? Why are our plants the way they are?

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