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Hey music fans, we know that there’s one thing you like as much as new kickass music from your favorite band, and that’s getting free stuff. Century Media progressive metalstalwartsIntronaut are touring in 2013 to support their stunning new album, Habitual Levitations, and to help spread the word, we’re giving away a bunch of some amazing Intronaut merch.

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 There's nothing more fun than a celebrity arrest. Reese Witherspoon is the latest to tickle us with some arrogant mischeif gone awry. The star of Legally Blonde got herself into hot water when her husband was pulled over under suspicion of DUI. And there's video to boot!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013
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Intronaut is a difficult band to put your finger on. Progressive? Yes. Metal? Yes. But what other bands do they sound like? Good luck with that. All we can tell you is that Intronaut delivers intelligent, compelling, and above all, kickass tunes time and time again. Whether you want to dig deep to get the most out of a band with an original sound, or just plain rock out, Intronaut's got what you need.

RosebudMag.com caught up with singer and guitarist Sacha Dunable to talk about Intronaut's new album, Habitual Levitations, their first proper headlining tour, and who in the band is a "real musician," and who isn't.


Not a lot of bands do the world tour thing anymore. Most don’t have the fan base or work ethic for that kind of undertaking. But Emmure aren’t your average band.


For those of us making a concerted effort to grow more of our own food and reduce our intake of GMO products, it’s important to expand our thinking beyond basic fruits and vegetables. With that in mind, we present a couple of recipes for condiments that have become staples in North American homes. Both recipes feature the most popular grow-it-yourself fruit of them all – the tomato.

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As growers, we have a pretty good understanding of how government seeks to regulate our lives. Despite living in a democracy (many of us in “The Land of the Free”), government sees fit to tell us what we can and can’t grow. Now the long arm of Big Government is stretching even further into our lives, our homes and our own yards by criminalizing even the most seemingly harmless food gardens.

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Blue Water Alchemy is a company that makes ormus, a product that comes in liquid form and is derived from various salts the company sources from around the world. We spoke with the company’s co-founders, Don Gifford and Scott Stevens, who explained a little more about ormus.


When it comes to HYDROPONIC systems, North American Hydroponics set themselves a cut above the competition. To start with, the folks responsible for the system are aeronautical and astronautical engineers.


Many growers out there already use Advanced Nutrients in their gardens and grow rooms. Well, add the characters of Showtime's hit series Weeds to that list. The much-loved show, now in its eighth and final season, tells the story of a group of growers and their misadventures in and out of their grow rooms. As expert growers, the characters, led by Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, know how to get the best out of their crop. Check out these pics of Advanced Nutrients products from the show.

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In the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine we’ve got a round up of the hottest babes hitting movie screens this summer. These bombshells are not only totally gorgeous, but seeing their assets on the big screen makes even the biggest summer bomb worth the price of admission.

In the current issue of Rosebud Magazine we’ve got an awesome article about some of the cool adventures you never knew you could have in Las Vegas. From Car racing to stunt flying to operating super heavy machinery. These are some of the most extreme ways to push the limit in Sin City without actually committing any sins.

Hey music fans & growers, we have one of our coolest music features ever and it’s in the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine. We talk to rockstar Dave Navarro (of Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) about one of his favorite bands – Pink Floyd. Dave is excited about the new Pink Floyd box set and Roger Waters touring The Wall in North America. Be sure to pick up the current issue of Rosebud Magazine to read the full interview.

In the latest issue of Rosebud Magazine, we feature an interview with Brooklyn-based documentary filmmaker and psychonaut, Hamilton Morris. Morris hosts a web series called Pharmacopeia over at Vice, a cool site with lots of stuff we like.

I logged onto Facebook tonight and found out that Whitney Houston has died. The pop singer best known for her eleven #1 hits, including “I Will Always Love You,” “Saving All My Love For You,” and “How Will I Know?” had fallen from grace in the public eye thanks to a long bout with drug addiction and some wild domestic troubles with husband and fellow pop star Bobby Brown. But nevertheless, the news came as a shock to me, and I’m sure to many who heard.


The latest edition of Rosebud Magazine features an exclusive interview with one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars, Henry Cavill, whose new movie The Immortals opens this week. The film is based on ancient Greco-Roman mythology and features lots of cool action of “the swords and sandals” variety. This one is definitely worth checking out and it got us thinking of other movies we’ve loved in this genre. So we put together a roundup here for our faithful RosebudMag.com readers. Check it out.

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