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Dave Navarro is the very definition of a rock star: exuding black-leather cool when he walks into a room, all tattoos, eyeliner and silver skulls. The innovative guitarist from the seminal L.A.-born rock band Jane’s Addiction, Navarro has inspired many a kid to pick up a guitar and start a band of their own. For Navarro, that same inspiration came from the classic rock of his youth — Led Zeppelin, The Who, the Grateful Dead and most importantly, Pink Floyd.

Why are concert stages dropping like flies in heat in 2011?

I know all too well how quickly the situation can change at an outdoor concert event. Back in my salad days serving as the Music Editor of my college paper, I wrangled my way into the photo pit of a Lollapalooza show in Milan, Michigan. Headlined by Alice in Chains and Primus, it was a glorious summer day – for the most part.

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... in Hydro-Pop

When Lebron James audibly sucked his teeth in the middle of his incredulous post-game rant after the Miami Heat were unceremoniously defeated by Dirk Nowitzki the Dallas Mavericks in Game 6 of the 2011 NBA Finals, every negative criticism ever lobbied at the man know as the greatest basketball player in the world came into crystalline focus.

It was the flagrant foul heard ‘round the world. When 7-foot, 285 lbs Los Angeles Laker center Andrew Bynum threw a crushing forearm into the foot shorter and one hundred pounds lighter Dallas Maverick guard JJ Barea, it represented more than just pride meeting frustration. The crushing blow symbolized a rapidly fading era of professional basketball tradition lashing out at the new breed of faster, fresher faces that are en route to redefining the NBA elite.

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