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11 Jul

Cloud Pens: Which Brand Name Is Which?

Not all vaporizer pens are made equal, even if they have the same name. Not all vaporizer pens are made equal, even if they have the same name.


Did you know that there are two companies operating under the same name? Its true. They are both calling themselves Cloud Pens and both make vapor pens that are almost identical to one another. The Cloud 2.0 is one company and the other is simply named Cloud. Even though they look identical at a glance, the Cloud and Cloud 2.0 do have a couple of small differences.

The Cloud 2.0 models have a few custom stenciled paint jobs on them with cool patterns, and offer a mini usb charger. The usb charging comes in really handy when you only have a cell phone charger available.

The regular Cloud Pens are offered in several colors that are very unique and cool. They use a tiny cylinder charger that is unique to them. They hit wonderfully and have titanium center pieces, which help to cut down on heavy metal fumes. These dudes also offer a lifetime warranty.
All in all, both pens are excellent quality. They both hit great, and they are both made in fun colors. Although I like being able to charge one in the car off my cell phone charger, I also appreciate the lifetime warranty they give with the other one. Both are owned by great guys, and both are fair and generous men. In my opinion, either one is a win. But know that there are two.

Check out Cloud 2.0 here: http://shopcloudpen.com/

Check out Cloud here: http://cloudvapes.com/store/

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One reviewer makes his pick in the Cloud vs. Cloud debate.
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