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25 Jul

Bitcoins Find An Online Hydroponic Retailer

Wondering what to do with that change jar full of Bitcoins?

EastWestHydro.com will be giving customers the chance to spend them all in one place beginning this month as the US based company becomes the first commercial hydroponics supplier to accept the disputed internet currency.

Bitcoins currently hold a value of around US $90 for one coin. Just about anything on the website - from grow lights, grow tents, organic plant nutrients, and grow room supplies - can be bought with the coins.

"Bitcoins allow people and organizations to instantly, anonymously, and securely transfer money across borders, averting financial intermediaries and governmental authorities and doing so at less cost than traditional payment schemes," the company's website states.

When purchasing products on the website, all prices that are denominated in US dollars will be calculated into Bitcoin using an on the spot rate currency exchange. Orders are processed in the same manner as cash and credit card payments.

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A look into how Bitcoins work.
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