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28 Aug

Japan Leads The Way In Hydroponics

Japan is leading the way in terms of urban hydroponics in Asia. Japan is leading the way in terms of urban hydroponics in Asia.


Asia is paving the way in hydroponics. More and more eateries in Japan are boasting homegrown hydroponic vegetables and herbs and some apartment buildings even offer built-in hydroponic gardens for residents.

Leave a Nest is one of these hydroponic suppliers and the company has already installed eight of their pre-fab growing operations in restaurants, schools, and hospitals in Japan. The firm became renowned in 2010 after they fitted a Subway sandwich shop in Tokyo with the world's first hydroponic set-up inside of a chain restaurant.

Agri-Cube is the next line of contained hydroponic greenhouses, developed by Daiwa House of Osaka, Japan. Daiwa is Japan's largest homebuilding company and designed the self-contained units to fit in apartment blocks, houses, and parking spaces. Each system is only 11 square meters in size but can produce nearly 10,000 servings of fruit and vegetables per year at an operating cost of US$4,500 annually.

Agri-Cube will be integrated into Lush Acres apartment buildings in Singapore next year.The  units sell at a retail value of $70,000 US.

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Japan embraces cutting edge agricultural practices.
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