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High-Tech Hydroponic Fertilizers for your Indoor Grow Room Featured

Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect nutrients have changed hydroponic growing forever. Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect nutrients have changed hydroponic growing forever.


Many indoor horticulturists are surrounded by technological advancements as soon as they step into their grow rooms. A modern grow room is full of high-tech gadgets, with everything from sophisticated atmospheric controllers to the latest advancements in horticultural lighting.

Some grow rooms, consisting of innovative hydroponic systems, look like something straight out of a sci-fi film or off the International Space Station. There is one technological aspect of the indoor garden that growers of high-value plants may take for granted: the nutrients.

These stabilizers and buffers allow growers of high-value plants to eliminate the constant worry of pH adjustment.

Although growers undoubtedly understand the importance nutrition plays in producing bountiful yields, they may underestimate the advances in technology that have gone into today’s top fertilizers.

Chelated Fertilizers

One of the advancements in fertilizers that has helped growers of high-value plants optimize their gardens’ production is chelated fertilizers.

Chelated fertilizers have been developed to increase micronutrient utilization efficiency. Many micronutrients are easily oxidized or precipitated in soil, which makes them inefficient.

Chelated fertilizers consist of an organic molecule that encompasses the micronutrient and changes its surface properties. The change in surface properties makes uptake more favorable and the organic compound protects the micronutrient from oxidization, precipitation, and, in some cases, immobilization.

Chelated fertilizers improve the bioavailability of micronutrients, which in turn contributes to increased productivity and profitability. Chelated fertilizers are advantageous for both soil and hydroponic growers, but are most crucial for high-tech hydroponic systems like aeroponics or fog systems.

pH Perfect® Technology

A nutrient solution’s pH determines if elements are available for plant absorption. When the pH of a nutrient solution is out of the desired range, plant growth slows, nutrient deficiencies may occur, and, in extreme cases, the plants may die.

In order to maintain optimal growth, growers of high-value plants must keep the pH of the nutrient solution within the desired range at all times. With conventional hydroponic nutrients this is easier said than done. Adjusting the pH of a nutrient reservoir is a task that must be done daily, if not more often.

Growers may go through gallons of pH Up and Down, constantly chasing the ideal pH of their solution. Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect® Technology uses a proprietary blend of pH stabilizers and buffers contained within the nutrients themselves.

These stabilizers and buffers allow growers of high-value plants to eliminate the constant worry of pH adjustment.

As long as the water source starts with less than 100 PPM (reverse osmosis water is recommended), growers can mix the nutrients and forget about the pH. The pH Perfect Technology will automatically keep the nutrient solution’s pH within the optimal range for high-value plants.

Chelated fertilizers and pH Perfect Technology are just two of the recent advancements to reach the reservoirs of indoor horticulturists. Just as there are constant advancements in lighting, ventilation, and hydroponic systems there are constant advancements in plant nutrition technologies.

The more we understand about plant physiology, the more we can unlock the secrets to maximizing efficiency in plant nutrition. Companies like Advanced Nutrients who wholeheartedly support the research and development of high-tech fertilizers are sure to dominate the hydroponic fertilizer industry.

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Advanced Nutrients’ pH Perfect nutrients are highly effective.
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