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Blue Water Alchemy: Is Ormus Fertilizer the Magical Ingredient for your Grow?

Could ormus be a helpful component of your grow? Could ormus be a helpful component of your grow?


Blue Water Alchemy is a company that makes ormus, a product that comes in liquid form and is derived from various salts the company sources from around the world. We spoke with the company’s co-founders, Don Gifford and Scott Stevens, who explained a little more about ormus.

Salt = Gold

The idea is this: They make a salt bath and increase the pH. As the pH climbs, different elements begin to appear, “from magnesium and calcium hydroxide all the way up through copper, silver and gold,” they say. Many of the elements are apparently helpful to both plants and humans.

You can apply ormus to your plants as a foliar spray or put it straight into your hydroponics setup cycling through your root system. Blue Water Alchemy claims that using this product will make your plants more vibrant and less susceptible to pests and disease.

Thriving in Sand?

The company also claims that ormus “decreases cellular tension,” allowing plants to take in nutrition more efficiently. In fact, Gifford and Stevens claim that they’re able to grow plants in sand. 

Ormus For Personal Health

They advocate the use of ormus beyond the grow room as well. Gifford claims that several years ago, he was afflicted with a disease that medical practitioners couldn’t put their finger on. In a near-death state, he dreamed of a white liquid, which he later figured was ormus.

After consuming the ormus himself, he discovered that he was healing from his life-threatening disease.

The Super Ingredient

So is ormus really a super-ingredient for the health of plants and humans? Is a company like Blue Water Alchemy really at the forefront of a scientific breakthrough that the mainstream has yet to catch up to?

The company’s claims of increased yields and next-level essential-oil production are incredible, no doubt. But there’s one sure way to learn what’s up with ormus: Give it a try.

Other Benefits of Salt

Proponents of ormus aren’t the only ones proclaiming the healing properties of salt. Salt treatments such as Dead Sea baths, halotherapy (exposure to salt air) and salt cleanses are said to treat:

- Skin Diseases

- Nerves

- Boost Immunity

- Detoxification

- Circulatory Health

- Asthma

- Eczema

- Bronchitis

- Body Odor

- Bad Breath

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