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Hydroponics Valentine’s Day For Your Beloved Plants

Valentine’s Day FOR your hydroponics flowers! Valentine’s Day FOR your hydroponics flowers!

Every hydroponics gardener loves girls in all their glory. Firm, ripe, full of goo, tasty, fun to put your nose in, better to put in your mouth. And here we are coming up on Valentine’s Day…the one and only holiday that celebrates the passion we feel for our beloved hydroponics girls. I’d guess you’re buying chocolates, perfumes, lingerie, diamonds, gold, wine, caviar and champagne for the human girls in your life, but what Valentine’s Day gifts are you getting your hydroponics plants? Let’s take a look at what you can do to make this Valentine’s Day a lovely date for the hydroponics girls who give you so much heady pleasure…

First of all, let’s get a cliché out of the way: Valentine’s Day chocolates and candies are so traditional and boring, except when you give your hydroponics females the one candy they truly love: Bud Candy.

This is one of those breakthrough formulas that launches your hydroponics flowers into the purple haze. It contains L-amino acids that boost floral size and resin production. You get four types of complex carbohydrates that rev up plant metabolism and production. Bud Candy also contains naturally-derived taste enhancers that bring out the flavors that your plants’ genetics are inclined to produce.

Not only that, but Bud Candy provides carbohydrate energy during mid-bloom, a time when most hydroponics plants are unable to manufacture enough carbos to give you your biggest yields. Sure, I know- you’d love to feed chocolate to your plants and have them come out tasting and smelling like chocolate. I heard of a hydroponics strain called “chocalope.” There’s no hydroponics chocolate product yet, but we have Bud Candy. Yum!

So now you’ve taken care of the candy part of Valentine’s Day, so what else can you give your sweet hydroponics girls? How about giving them the kind of light they crave but have never been provided before?

Ok, I know you’re saying to yourself: “I have an HID and a high output fluorescent. My bulbs are fresh and I’m using digital ballasts. That’s plenty of good light for my plants.”

Yes, that’s good enough light, but it isn’t the best light available. For that you have to turn to the absolutely newest and most plant-specific hydroponics lighting technology on the planet. No, we’re not talking about LED lighting, although one or two LED manufacturers have gotten close to generating enough light, in the right wavelengths, to give your crops superb growth and extra essential oils.

The enlightened Valentine’s Day gift to give your plants is called “plasma lighting.” I’ll be doing an entire article about hydroponics light wavelengths and plasma lighting so look for that if you want the in-depth story of this fascinating and powerful way to max your hydroponics plants’ growth rates, yield size and strength. This is super interesting stuff that you're going to love to read about...For now, the simple way of putting it is that HID bulbs generate a lot of light intensity, but NOT in the exact wavelengths that the latest research proves is used by your specific hydroponics plants.

A big problem with HID’s is they consume a lot of electricity and a lot of that pollutes your hydroponics grow room as heat. Some of your watts are wasted. And then you have to spend more electricity money to remove the heat from your grow room.

Plasma lights are a completely different type of hydroponics lighting hardware. They generate little if any heat. Their watt to light conversion ratio is superior to all other hydroponics lighting. Plasma lighting is safer and easier to use than HID.

But the most important reason that plasma lighting is such a great Valentine’s Day gift to show your girls how much you love them is that the only legitimate North American plasma lighting manufacturer- Chameleon Grow Systems- has engaged NASA scientists, physicists and other brainy people to create an ideal indoor hydroponics light spectrum that juices your plants’ photosynthesis engine and stimulates plant growth regulators that create unprecedented flower size, weight and value.

When you check out the reams of scientific data, comparison graphics and product features that Chameleon Grow Systems provide regarding their Solar Genesis hydroponics lighting, you’ll see what I mean. They've even created a new kind of glass and reflector that delivers the full spectrum of  ideal light wavelengths your plants must have for maximal photosynthesis and production.

Not only that, but Chameleon plasma lights are better suited to handle the harsh rigors of your hydroponics room, and their peak light productivity lifetime lasts thousands of hours longer than HID bulbs. They even have a video showing their Solar Genesis hydroponics plasma lighting components are water-resistant- something you definitely can’t say for HID or LED lighting. For sure, the Solar Genesis is the ultra-modern hydroponics Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving!

Here's another piece of news that Rosebud readers are hearing first: Chameleon is offering a 90-day absolutely ironclad use-it-and-love-it guarantee for their Solar Genesis I and II models. This gives you confidence to get into this new technology immediately and smile as your friends all say "Wow, that light is better than the sun, dude!

To go along with the Valentine’s Day Bud Candy and the sweet new plasma light, give your hydroponics girls the gift of pure water. I’ve heard people claim you can use untreated tapwater or wellwater in your hydroponics garden. They assert that water supplies in most areas are fine for your hydroponics plants.

In my experience, these folks are revealing a fundamental misunderstanding and ignorance when it comes to the role of water in a hydroponics garden. Because when you get right down to it, the water you want for your hydroponics plants should be pure so that its character is similar to the neutral, sterile palette that you get when you use a neutral root zone media like Grodan rockwool.

When you use zero parts per million water that’s not carrying any onboard salts, minerals, contaminants, heavy metals, pathogens, or other adulterants, only then can you be sure of TOTAL control over everything that goes into your plants via roots or foliar feeding.

That’s why my closing Valentine’s Day recommendation is for you to get a reverse osmosis unit like the Hydro-Logic Stealth 200 RO. Any water you’re going to give your plants via roots or foliar feeding, run it through reverse osmosis first. The only exception is if you can reliably gather rainwater that measures zero ppm and 5.6-7.4 pH (if you’re not using the pH Perfect nutrients system you may need to adjust rainwater pH to get it into the 5.8-6.3 sweet spot).

Chameleon Plasma Lighting is Ultra-Rugged


If you gather rainwater and it’s below 5.6, you’re likely seeing acid rain. This is especially true if you live in one of those air-polluted regions of the country where coal burning and other industrial polluters make the rainwater deadly for plants and trees.

Love makes the world go ‘round and all you need is love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to have a lovefest with your hydroponics plants. Give them plasma lighting, Bud Candy, reverse osmosis water and barrels of affection this Valentine’s Day and every day. In return, your plants will give you the kind of backseat thrills you remember from your first true love in high school!

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