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Carbon Dioxide Levels: Climbing the Ladder Up to Higher Yields Featured

  • Written by  Erik Biksa
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Controlling CO2 is an important aspect of indoor growing, so you need the right gear to do the best job. Controlling CO2 is an important aspect of indoor growing, so you need the right gear to do the best job.


Crops can generate bigger yields in warmer temperatures when carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are increased from regular atmospheric levels to the 1000-1600 PPM range. Growers notice faster growth rates and hungrier plants, usually with a 25 percent or more increase in yield and a week or two trimmed off the cropping calendar.

A timer gets you into the zone for releasing CO2, but when accuracy counts, you are going to need a CO2 monitor/controller, aka a sniffer, to do it. Thankfully, there’s a range to choose from, so there’s a good chance one will fit your needs and budget.

Smart Timing

These controllers are better than ordinary timers because they won’t waste CO2 if your ventilation fans exhaust air outside.

C.A.P. CO2-2e

Why? Models such as this one are expandable, meaning you can incorporate a CO2 sniffer later as your budget allows. The adjustable frequency and duration timing provides the ability to fine-tune estimated CO2 levels in the growing environment based on calculations or atmospheric testing.



Entry-Point Monitoring

Light years ahead of using a timer and calculations for sustained accuracy, this also provides an entry point for mastering CO2 levels in the garden without blowing the whole load when starting out or setting up multiple rooms.

GroZone USCO2

Why? For less than a few hundred bucks, you can have some level of adjustment while gaining more accurate maintenance of your desired CO2 levels — without any complicated settings or adjustments required by the user. Just pick your desired level from 1000, 1125, 1250, 1375 and 1500 PPM (parts-per-million), and the controller will keep it there. If you live at a high elevation, like in Colorado or Vancouver, B.C., there are also five altitude levels to choose from for maximum efficiency.



Total Control 

As good as it gets. Dial in the exact CO2 level, then set the CO2 level differential as well as the high-temperature shut-off and altitude adjustment, and you are on your way to seeing significantly accelerated growth rates without wasting a lot of fuel to generate CO2.

Crossfire CO2 Multi Controller

Why? The Crossfire uses dual-beam technology, which means you don’t have to send it off to have it calibrated annually. Even better, by simply upgrading with an additional probe/sensor, you can easily optimize CO2 levels in two different grow rooms, completely independent of one another, from the same controller. The Crossfire also offers great build quality and reliability, and it’s priced right.


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Here’s another look at the C.A.P. co2-2e
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